What if I have a seasonal business? Do I still need commercial auto insurance during the months my business isn’t in operation?

Having a business can be tricky, especially if your industry doesn’t thrive year-round. It’s understandable wanting to cut costs wherever you can. Although your business may only operate during certain seasons or months, you may still need to have insurance protection. There are seasonal business insurance policies that will provide coverage during those months where your work is heavy, and step in to provide protection even when things are slow to avoid any gaps in insurance. This insurance also helps you if you have a weaker season than expected to help avoid huge losses.

Is seasonal business insurance something I need?

There are certain criteria that will determine whether or not you should get seasonal business insurance:

· Do you only operate during specific seasons of the year?

· Is your company dependent on the weather (skiing)?

· Does your company make the most money during certain times of the year?

If your business falls into one of these categories, you may want to acquire one of these policies.

Do I still need commercial auto insurance during these months?

Having commercial auto insurance during the months your business is not in operations is still a good idea. There may be a special event or a disaster and making sure your car is covered should be a top priority.

Getting the advice from a trusted independent agency that can help you compare quotes and make the best decision is a key. For more information on seasonal business insurance policies and protecting your business the right way, contact an agent at Peter Laczko Insurance to find out what options are available that will meet the needs of your business and keep you covered.

What kind of insurance policy would cover my car in the event it is hit in a parking lot?

On a typical Saturday morning in Woodstock, GA, you head for the grocery store to stock up on food for the week. Everything seems normal as you pull into a prime spot in the parking lot. After doing your shopping, you leave the store and head back to your vehicle. As you get closer, your smile turns to a frown. Someone has hit your car and left a big dent in the side.

After looking at the damage for a minute, the next thing you do is to look for a note on your windshield. There is none. Then, you survey the area and look for someone who might have witnessed the accident. No luck there. You have been the victim of a hit and run. The driver who backed into your vehicle is long gone and you are left with only a few options. You could take your automobile to a body shop and pay for the repairs out of your own pocket, or you can file a claim with your insurance carrier.

If your Georgia auto insurance policy includes uninsured motorist coverage, it will cover properly documented claims. Damages to your car in such instances are also covered under the provisions of your automobile collision coverage. If someone backs into your parked vehicle and the driver can not be identified, you should take pictures of the damage and note the date and time of the incident. Then contact the police and your insurance company to report the incident.

It is understandable that you might be upset after such an incident. However, don’t let it completely ruin your day. Parking lot accidents happen every day. When the other driver who caused the damage can not be found, your insurance will pay to have your vehicle repaired.