I Only Use My RV Once a Year. Do I Really Need RV Insurance?

You and your family enjoy spending time camping in the Woodstock, GA area. It’s your time to spend some quality time in nature. Once a year, you load all of your supplies into the RV and hit the road for a little adventure. The rest of the year, that RV sits beside the garage on your property. So, you may wonder if you really need to insure the RV if you only use it once a year. The answer is yes!  While your RV may have some protection under your homeowner’s policy while it is parked on your property, it is not covered once it is on the road.  The agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can talk with you about RV insurance policies that fit your travel style.

As an RV is your ‘home away from home’ when you are on the road, there are several things to consider when looking at RV insurance policies. You should consider including total loss replacement should the RV be damaged beyond repair. This is particularly important is the RV is less than five years old. You will also want to have coverage for all of the RV’s contents. Some policies also have provisions for emergency funds for housing and meals should there be an accident that renders the RV uninhabitable. While liability coverage is required by law, you may consider the amount of coverage a policy provides as RVs are large vehicles. Also, talk with your agent about the possibility of temporarily suspending portions of the policy when the RV is not on the road. This saves some money over time. The agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. understand the needs of RV owners in the Woodstock, GA area. Call today!

Workers Compensation Codes & Why They Matter

As a business with employees in Woodstock, GA you know you have to provide workers compensation coverage. This is not unique to just your company; it’s a general legal requirement in most states on businesses with part-time or full-time employees. However, the cost of a workers compensation plan is dependent on how many and the type of employees you have, and that can change dramatically over time. If one just compares what the employee roster looked like when the business was a startup, so when it turned into a small or medium-sized business, the difference can be dramatic both in numbers as well as the type of work people are performing.

Workers compensation premiums for Woodstock, GA businesses are originally set up as estimates for the year based on payroll, but instead of just a simple formula the figure is calculated by looking at the current employee body, what work they perform, and how many people fit into a given workers compensation code. A code represents the industry calculated risk for a given work function. So, obviously, the code for a construction worker or security guard is going to be a different risk valuation than for an accountant due to the nature of the job. How these codes add up for your business then influences the cost of your worker’s compensation plan premium paid for the year. A subsequent insurance provider audit then follows up and confirms the codes are correct because providers are also aware of employee rosters change over time as well.

As a business, you can ensure your codes are applied accurately from the start versus just a guess, which is common in the startup phase. And that could impact your premium significantly. The expert staff at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can walk your business through the code assessment process to fully understand how it works as well as to secure a plan that reflects your business properly. Give Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. a call today!