What Will Your Auto Insurance Do About a Failed Transmission?

Did your Woodstock, GA vehicle suffer from complete transmission failure, and you aren’t sure what to do? Can you get it covered by your insurance? At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., we know the short answer is "no," while the slightly longer answer is "that depends on a few things."

Wear and Tear Damage is Not Covered

If you’ve ever tried to get wear-and-tear transmission problems fixed with your insurance, you probably know your problem is not covered! Why is that the case? Simply put, this type of problem is something that you should have caught with general maintenance.

Note that this is true of any wear-and-tear issues affecting your vehicle. By this, we mean that your repairs aren’t covered if your transmission fails due to another part failing. Is there ever a circumstance in which your transmission problems might get protected? Yes, but only a few.

Accident Damage May Be Covered

Did your transmission fail due to damage caused by an accident? For example, you might rear-end somebody and damage your transmission. When this happens, the damage to your vehicle is covered because it was triggered by something that was outside of general wear and tear.

Note that a manufacturer’s defect may also be covered, depending on a few things. Was your transmission part of a recall that you did nothing to manage? If that recall issue triggered your damage, you might still not get the coverage, even if the manufacturer’s defects caused it.

Get Help Today

With the help of our team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., you can protect your Woodstock, GA, vehicle and ensure your policy pays out for covered claims. So, if your transmission goes out due to issues from a crash, make sure that you contact us today to learn more about how our policy can help you.

Factors to Consider When Getting Auto Insurance

Auto insurance comes with different coverage options, a factor that may prove a hindrance for first-time policy buyers. Fortunately, most options rely on the same factors when determining whether they are a fit or not, offering policy seekers in Woodstock, GA needed relief during their auto insurance journey. Below, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. takes you through three crucial factors to consider when getting auto insurance.

Your Current Budget

Your budget will be a crucial part of your auto coverage, as it will determine which insurance option to get and which to let go of. To get the proper estimate for your auto coverage, consider your everyday expenses, such as tuition, mortgage loans, and other daily needs. Based on these, find out how much to spend on your auto coverage to avoid running into any financial distress. This will also help you avoid default payments arising from expensive coverage beyond your budget.

Your Coverage Needs

Auto coverage needs often depend on vehicle usage, with some drivers prone to more risk than others. If, for instance, you regularly use your vehicle in areas with extreme weather conditions, getting coverage for various weather hazards will be a suitable option. In addition to this, consider getting extra coverage if you have teenage drivers who often use your car due to their increased risk of getting into accidents.

State Requirements

Numerous states will require a minimum level of liability insurance for their drivers, which often forms the canvas on which policy seekers can build other policies around. Living in Woodstock, GA, for instance, means having liability insurance for bodily injury liability and property damage liability, after which you can get additional coverage. Before getting extra auto insurance, make it a point to consider if your state requirements offer sufficient coverage.

Whether you need auto insurance that caters to your medical costs or considers your teenager’s driving needs, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. has you covered. Contact us today to help you create auto coverage with your priorities in mind.

Is having an auto insurance plan in Georgia a good idea?

When you are in the Woodstock, GA area, you are going to have a lot of local amenities that can be enjoyed. One way that you will know that you can enjoy all that the city has to offer is by owning a vehicle. For those that do decide to purchase a vehicle, getting the right insurance for it is very important. There continues to be many reasons to get an auto insurance plan in this area of Georgia. 

Insurance is Legally Required

A reason that you need to get an auto insurance plan when you are in Georgia is that it is legally required. Those that would like to drive a car here are required to have liability insurance whenever they are behind the wheel of a car. If you do not have this protection, you could be in violation of state law and face certain penalties.

Insurance Protects Car

You should also get an auto insurance plan because it can protect your car. When you own a car, you will have made a big investment to purchase it. If you do not have a proper auto insurance plan in place, you could lose your entire investment. By getting insurance with comprehensive coverage, you will be covered against many different types of risk that could result in a loss. 

Getting auto insurance when you live in the Woodstock, GA area is beneficial. As you are looking for a new policy, it would be wise for you to call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. If you work with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. you can learn a lot about how this insurance can protect you. It will then help you build a policy that will provide proper coverage for you and your vehicle. 

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need In Georgia?

Auto insurance is required if you plan to drive your car in Woodstock, GA. How much indemnity coverage you need, however, is largely a matter of legalities mixed with lifestyle preferences. The agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help you create an auto insurance plan that satisfies Georgia state law as well as your financial needs. 

How much insurance is required by law?

Georgia is a “fault” state, which means that the driver determined to be at-fault in an accident must pay for damages related to the event. According to state law, you are required to have at least: 

  • $25,000 per person ($50,000 per accident) for bodily injury;
  • $25,000 per accident to pay for property damage;
  • $25,000 per person ($50,000 per accident) for uninsured motorist protection;

Having an auto insurance plan to suffice the state’s requirements is ideal for preventing citation from a law enforcement officer. Such coverage does not, however, remove all legal obligations should your policy not be enough to pay for damages caused in an accident. 

How much auto insurance do you need in Woodstock, GA?

The amount of indemnity insurance you need for your car or truck depends on a number of lifestyle factors such as:

  • Your possessions. Those who own homes may be more inclined to purchase higher auto insurance to protect their greatest asset in the event of a lawsuit. 
  • Your driving tendencies. Those who commute to work every day may choose policies that pay more for bodily injury or property damage. Such drivers may also opt for roadside assistance and rental car protection. 
  • The age of drivers. Teen drivers are more susceptible to accidents, which is why parents may choose higher premiums for more protection. On the other hand, senior drivers who take short distance commutes to the grocery store once a week may purchase insurance that pays less in the event of an incident. 

Regardless of whether you drive often or occasionally, you need an insurance plan that satisfies Georgia’s state law while also fitting your lifestyle. Call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today to get started with a quote for auto insurance.

Can You Insure an Electric Vehicle?

Insuring an electric vehicle is no different than insuring another vehicle that runs on gasoline, except for a vehicle that has autonomous self-driving features. At first, it might seem that a car that can drive itself is more difficult to insure. Surprisingly, it is not. As more road hours accumulate for self-driving vehicles there have been bad accidents; however, overall the number of accidents are fewer. This happens because self-driving vehicles are better drivers than humans are.

Other Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Saving the environment is a big concern for everyone. The electricity used to power electric vehicles should come from a sustainable alternative energy source, like solar power. Then, you will save more on expensive gasoline and help the environment at the same time.

Maintenance costs for electric vehicles are lower because there are fewer parts than are found in gasoline combustion engines. One excellent use of an electric vehicle is for a backup energy source. If the power goes out, and there is a fully-charged electric vehicle in the garage, it can provide the power you need. This comes in handy in the case of an emergency.

Getting Electric Vehicle Insurance

If you are thinking about buying an electric vehicle, work with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA and the surrounding area, Your agent will get everything set up so that you can go to any dealer and get any vehicle that you want. Your agent can also tell you the insurance cost of any model that you are considering.

If you already own an electric vehicle, get an insurance review because there may have been positive changes since the last time you checked the rates.


Electric vehicles are the wave of the future. The insurance industry responded to their deployment with very positive insurance support that encourages people to consider buying these types of vehicles. To get an insurance review for every type of vehicle and a quote, contact your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA.

When is auto insurance a necessity in Georgia

Driving a car in the state of Georgia is a necessity for most people to get to and from work or school. When you own a car in Georgia, there are many important responsibilities that come along with it. One necessity and requirement that all people have is the requirement to get auto insurance. There are a variety of situations when it will be necessary for someone in the state of Georgia to have an auto insurance policy in place. 

When You Have a Loan

The first situation when you need to have auto insurance on your car in Woodstock, GA, is if you have a lease or a loan against your vehicle. As long the lease or loan is outstanding, the lender will want to make sure that you have insurance to protect their collateral. If you do not have a full collision or comprehensive insurance policy in place, you could be in violation of this agreement.

When On-Road

Whenever you decide to drive your vehicle in Georgia, you will be required to carry liability insurance. Similar to other states, Georgia will require that you have at minimum levels of property damage and bodily injury liability insurance. This will ensure that you have the financial ability to pay restitution if you are found liable in an accident.

Having auto insurance is a necessity for car owners in practically all situations. When you are ready to start shopping for car insurance, you should come to Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. The team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help a Woodstock, GA resident learn far more about their auto insurance options and needs. This can then help them get into a policy that will provide the right type and level of protection.

Covering Your Teen on Your Insurance in Woodstock GA

When your teen gets their driver’s license, it’s time to get them covered on your policy with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. In Woodstock, GA, if your teen is driving your car, then they need to be on your policy.

The best way to keep costs down when insuring teens: Just make sure they’re a safe driver. The most important thing is keeping them out of accidents, for their safety, for your car, and for your rates.

Another way to bring your rates down: Ask about "occasional" driver coverage. If your teen is off at college or only drives the car a few times a year, there’s no reason to cover them as a primary driver, at primary rates.

You can also bring your rates down by keeping your teen’s grades up. Many parents attach driving vehicles to school performance. Likewise, advanced driver’s ed courses for teens can look really good to an insurer. You’re trying to establish a pattern of responsible behavior so that insurers know that your teen is less of a risk than most.

And of course, the more time you spend with your teen behind the wheel, the more you can help them to learn how to be a safe driver. Make time for your teen and help them improve their road game, day by day, one road trip at a time.

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help you get a fair rate when you add your teen to insurance policy. If you’re in Woodstock, GA and you want a fair deal, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Georgia’s Car Insurance Laws

Having proper coverage through auto insurance is a reality of owning a car and driving. Some basic knowledge about your state’s specific car insurance laws is also important to avoid fines, tickets, and other inconveniences. The state of Georgia has a few specific requirements that drivers should be aware of. These state laws apply to all drivers in the Woodstock, GA area. 


All drivers in Georgia must have liability insurance to protect against bodily injury and property damage. Liability is usually included with even the most basic car insurance policies, so as long as the car is insured, it should have sufficient liability coverage for Georgia. This type of coverage is necessary for an insurance company to pay out the costs of damages that can occur because of car accidents. 

Physical Damage to the Car

Damage can occur to your car from things like theft, severe weather, accidents, or a number of other ways. Collision insurance is usually required by the lender of a car loan, but the state does not require driver’s to be insured against damage to their own car. Other damages are covered by a policy usually called comprehensive coverage that covers most things that can happen besides car accidents. If the owner of the car does not have a loan or financing on the car, it is usually their discretion as to the extent of coverage they need to protect their investment in the automobile. 

For any other questions or concerns about car insurance in the Woodstock, GA area, please contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Our agency provides customers with information and personalized policies for all of their driving needs. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. knows the local laws, and agents can assist with keeping your car insurance and in compliance. 

What to Know about Insurance and a Stolen Car

If your car is stolen in Woodstock GA, you will be covered by insurance if you have comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage and collision coverage will not help you if your car is stolen. Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from damage to your vehicle in a non-collision event. This coverage is not required, so you should make sure you have it if you want to use this. It can be a common misconception that your home policy will cover your stolen vehicle, especially if you car is stolen from your home.

The first step after your car is stolen is to file a police report, and then contact your insurance agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to start the claims process. When filing a claim, you will need the certificate of title for the vehicle, location of the keys before and after theft, name and information of people that have access to the vehicle, and description of the vehicle, which includes mileage, service records, and upgrades. If you have receipts for upgrades, this is even better. You will also need a list of personal property that was in the vehicle. Your homeowners or renters insurance may provide additional coverage for personal items that are stolen. If you are financing or leasing your vehicle, you need that contact information and need to let them know as soon as possible. Many insurance companies will require a waiting period for the claim to be finalized, in order to see if the police can recover the vehicle. The wait usually begins once the car is stolen, not when you file the claim. If you car is recovered, your comprehensive coverage will cover damages to your vehicle if it’s not a total loss.  

Contact an agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA to get an auto insurance quote, or to add comprehensive coverage to your policy. 


In Woodstock, GA, Why Is It Important to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim Immediately After An Accident?

The agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serve residents and business owners alike in the Woodstock, GA area. They are especially helpful when it comes to Worker’s Compensation cases and helping you take care of your responsibilities if an employee is injured while on the job or company property. It’s important for you to know the intricacies involved in taking care of a Worker’s Compensation case so that your business remains protected at all times. 

Injuries Can’t Wait

If an employee is injured while on the job or on the premises, they should be immediately seen by a doctor. Not only does this document the injuries, it also time stamps the event. This means that the injuries received in the accident aren’t confused with any prior injury or illness. Making sure the injuries are examined immediately will also provide a more accurate estimation of the possible cost to your company.

Deadlines Must Be Met

Once an accident occurs, there are deadlines that must be met. In Georgia, an employee has one year from the day the injuries were received to file a Worker’s Compensation claim. As the claim process goes on, other deadlines may be set according to the parameters of the Worker’s Compensation insurance as well as with the courts. Your insurance agent will help you navigate through the process once the first claim has been filed.

Business owners in the Woodstock, GA area are encouraged to call the agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. if they have questions about their Worker’s Compensation coverage. Worker’s Compensation insurance can be confusing. Don’t wait to get the answers you need. It’s important that you meet each deadline and have all the information you need to protect both your business and your employees.