Covering Your Teen on Your Insurance in Woodstock GA

When your teen gets their driver’s license, it’s time to get them covered on your policy with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. In Woodstock, GA, if your teen is driving your car, then they need to be on your policy.

The best way to keep costs down when insuring teens: Just make sure they’re a safe driver. The most important thing is keeping them out of accidents, for their safety, for your car, and for your rates.

Another way to bring your rates down: Ask about "occasional" driver coverage. If your teen is off at college or only drives the car a few times a year, there’s no reason to cover them as a primary driver, at primary rates.

You can also bring your rates down by keeping your teen’s grades up. Many parents attach driving vehicles to school performance. Likewise, advanced driver’s ed courses for teens can look really good to an insurer. You’re trying to establish a pattern of responsible behavior so that insurers know that your teen is less of a risk than most.

And of course, the more time you spend with your teen behind the wheel, the more you can help them to learn how to be a safe driver. Make time for your teen and help them improve their road game, day by day, one road trip at a time.

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help you get a fair rate when you add your teen to insurance policy. If you’re in Woodstock, GA and you want a fair deal, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Georgia’s Car Insurance Laws

Having proper coverage through auto insurance is a reality of owning a car and driving. Some basic knowledge about your state’s specific car insurance laws is also important to avoid fines, tickets, and other inconveniences. The state of Georgia has a few specific requirements that drivers should be aware of. These state laws apply to all drivers in the Woodstock, GA area. 


All drivers in Georgia must have liability insurance to protect against bodily injury and property damage. Liability is usually included with even the most basic car insurance policies, so as long as the car is insured, it should have sufficient liability coverage for Georgia. This type of coverage is necessary for an insurance company to pay out the costs of damages that can occur because of car accidents. 

Physical Damage to the Car

Damage can occur to your car from things like theft, severe weather, accidents, or a number of other ways. Collision insurance is usually required by the lender of a car loan, but the state does not require driver’s to be insured against damage to their own car. Other damages are covered by a policy usually called comprehensive coverage that covers most things that can happen besides car accidents. If the owner of the car does not have a loan or financing on the car, it is usually their discretion as to the extent of coverage they need to protect their investment in the automobile. 

For any other questions or concerns about car insurance in the Woodstock, GA area, please contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Our agency provides customers with information and personalized policies for all of their driving needs. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. knows the local laws, and agents can assist with keeping your car insurance and in compliance. 

What to Know about Insurance and a Stolen Car

If your car is stolen in Woodstock GA, you will be covered by insurance if you have comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage and collision coverage will not help you if your car is stolen. Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from damage to your vehicle in a non-collision event. This coverage is not required, so you should make sure you have it if you want to use this. It can be a common misconception that your home policy will cover your stolen vehicle, especially if you car is stolen from your home.

The first step after your car is stolen is to file a police report, and then contact your insurance agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to start the claims process. When filing a claim, you will need the certificate of title for the vehicle, location of the keys before and after theft, name and information of people that have access to the vehicle, and description of the vehicle, which includes mileage, service records, and upgrades. If you have receipts for upgrades, this is even better. You will also need a list of personal property that was in the vehicle. Your homeowners or renters insurance may provide additional coverage for personal items that are stolen. If you are financing or leasing your vehicle, you need that contact information and need to let them know as soon as possible. Many insurance companies will require a waiting period for the claim to be finalized, in order to see if the police can recover the vehicle. The wait usually begins once the car is stolen, not when you file the claim. If you car is recovered, your comprehensive coverage will cover damages to your vehicle if it’s not a total loss.  

Contact an agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA to get an auto insurance quote, or to add comprehensive coverage to your policy. 


In Woodstock, GA, Why Is It Important to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim Immediately After An Accident?

The agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serve residents and business owners alike in the Woodstock, GA area. They are especially helpful when it comes to Worker’s Compensation cases and helping you take care of your responsibilities if an employee is injured while on the job or company property. It’s important for you to know the intricacies involved in taking care of a Worker’s Compensation case so that your business remains protected at all times. 

Injuries Can’t Wait

If an employee is injured while on the job or on the premises, they should be immediately seen by a doctor. Not only does this document the injuries, it also time stamps the event. This means that the injuries received in the accident aren’t confused with any prior injury or illness. Making sure the injuries are examined immediately will also provide a more accurate estimation of the possible cost to your company.

Deadlines Must Be Met

Once an accident occurs, there are deadlines that must be met. In Georgia, an employee has one year from the day the injuries were received to file a Worker’s Compensation claim. As the claim process goes on, other deadlines may be set according to the parameters of the Worker’s Compensation insurance as well as with the courts. Your insurance agent will help you navigate through the process once the first claim has been filed.

Business owners in the Woodstock, GA area are encouraged to call the agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. if they have questions about their Worker’s Compensation coverage. Worker’s Compensation insurance can be confusing. Don’t wait to get the answers you need. It’s important that you meet each deadline and have all the information you need to protect both your business and your employees.

Auto Insurance Can Protect You from Uninsured Drivers

When looking for auto insurance in the Woodstock, GA area, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. is ready to help you get the coverage that best protects you and your busy lifestyle. However, you might be thinking that a simple auto insurance policy can’t protect you against every scenario, like an uninsured driver. But with the right options, you can make sure that you can afford to get your car repaired and cover and of your medical bills if an uninsured driver causes an accident.

Comprehensive and Collision Fixes Your Car

When your front bumper is on the ground, the first thing you want to do is fix, regardless of who caused the accident. If you only purchase minimum coverage, it will be up to you to chase down the uninsured driver and demand payment.  Meanwhile, you’ll be out the pocket money needed to pay for the fix. If you opt for collision and comprehensive type coverage on your insurance policy, you pay your company a deductible, they will get your car fixed right away, and they will have to chase down the other guy to get reimbursed.  How convenient is that?

Uninsured Motorist

That only got the car fixed.  If you were injured, and are out of work for a while, even your own health insurance isn’t going to take care of all the bills. When you add a premium option like uninsured motorist to your policy, you can recoup lost wages and living expenses that are incurred while you get back on your feet. Once again, you’re paying for the convenience of receiving the money up front while your company deals with the headache of holding the responsible party accountable for the damage they created.

If you’d like more information, talk to your Woodstock, GA insurance agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today.


How Does Your Driving Record Affect Your Policy?

There are certain things that do affect the overall cost of your auto insurance policy, and one of them is your driving record. For those in the Woodstock, GA area, the agents with Peter Lackzo Insurance Inc. may be able to help explain.

The main concern that most people have in regards to their driving record is how it is going to affect their monthly insurance premiums. In most cases, one accident is not going to drive up the price of your monthly policy to the point that you cannot pay for it. If however, you have a driving record with multiple accidents, some of which are bad accidents, your premiums will be negatively affected. You may get discounts for being a safe driver as well.

Similarly, if you have moving infractions, your policy is also going to cost more than if you have a clean and safe driving record. In most cases, your insurance agent only requires that you report accidents and infractions within a specific period. This means that if you had an accident ten years ago, it is very unlikely to affect the overall cost of your premiums. Likewise, if you have an infraction that caused you to get dropped from another company, your premiums are going to be much higher.

It is important that you be truthful and thorough when reporting any accidents that you may have had as most insurance agencies are going to do a check to see what infractions are on your record when you sign up for a policy. If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, the agents with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help you to find the policy that is going to work for you. They can also help you to find any discounts that might help you to counter your driving record.  

4 Reasons You Should Protect Your New Car with Gap Insurance

Typically, gap insurance tacks an extra 5 to 6-percent onto your comprehensive/collision premium if you purchase it through your insurance company. You may also be able to purchase gap insurance for a one-time payment due at the signing of your car loan. In this case, the cost is typically rolled into your loan. But do you really need it? Following are four reasons why you need gap insurance in Woodstock, GA. 

Upside Down Loan

Many people owe more than their car is worth. This is especially true if it’s a new car. Once you drive off the lot, the value of your car drops drastically. Gap insurance protects you if you were to total your car before you get it paid down enough so your car is worth more than what you owe. 

Depreciation Protection

All cars depreciate, some faster than others. A gap policy protects you against depreciation by making sure you get more money for your car if you total it. You see, most insurance companies will only pay the book price of a car, which can be substantially less than it’s worth or what you owe. 

Better Coverage

If you own an expensive car, you will get better coverage with gap insurance than you would a standard policy alone. Gap insurance will cover things that your standard policy won’t. With a more expensive car, you have more to lose. 

Lender Requirement

Many lenders require that you purchase gap insurance so you can pay off your loan in entirety if your car gets totaled. If you don’t have gap insurance, you could still owe thousands on your car long after it’s sitting in a salvage yard. 

There are several reasons why gap insurance is a good idea. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today. 


Do You Have an Emergency Kit in the Trunk?

When was the last time you were stranded on a road outside of Woodstock GA? Never? Maybe since you’ve enjoyed such a long string of good luck, you haven’t bothered to keep your car properly supplied with an emergency kit? At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. we want to help you stay safe with this handy list of items that can help you out of roadside mishaps:

  1. All the right contact information in your phone: Make sure that you have added your roadside assistance company, insurance company and multiple close contacts into your stored phone list. It only takes a minute, but can save you hours of frustration when help is really only one button away.
  2. Fix-a-Flat or spare tire: If your new lease didn’t come with a spare tire in the trunk, then you need to have the next best thing. A can of fix-a-flat can help you get your car with a simple flat tire to the next populated area without having to abandon your vehicle. If you do have a spare, make sure it is inflated and the wrench and jack are where they belong.
  3. Jumper cables: Even in this modern era, your car still has a battery that can fail in the middle of the night in a near empty parking lot. Whether it’s the old pair of cables or a new battery conditioner, you can turn an expensive tow into a fifteen-minute inconvenience with the right tools on board.
  4. A Small Shovel: Okay, you are not going to get stuck in a snow bank around here. But what about a muddy embankment? Sudden urban flooding can do unexpected things to the terrain. That collapsible shovel can dig you out of many situations with just a little effort.

For more tips on road safety and auto insurance in the Woodstock GA area, give the folks at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. a call. They’ll be happy to help.

5 Steps to Take to Make Sure Your Home Is Insured

How do you know if your home has adequate insurance for replacement value? The cost of construction and materials is always increasing in most cases. The best way to know if your home has enough coverage is to consult with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA at least once per year to review and update coverage for your home.

There are five steps to take to make sure your home and its contents are adequately insured, which are:

  1. Use the square footage of the home including the garage and multiply this times the average current construction costs for a new home of the same type in the Woodstock GA area.
  2. Make adjustments to the basic calculation from step one to include the costs of any special features, such as marble countertops, elaborate fireplaces, and custom built-in cabinetry.
  3. Always save receipts for any renovation or remodeling work because those amounts can be used to make an updated current calculation.
  4. Make a written listĀ of all the items contained in the home especially if there are things that are very valuable like artwork or special collections. Save all the original receipts for these items or use research on the Internet to find similar items. Take photos of everything and/or create a video that is a walk-through of the entire house.
  5. Total everything up and this gives a replacement value that needs to be insured.

Each year there should be an annual review with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to make adjustments for any changes that occurred during the past year and to use current construction prices. Be sure to inform your agent if you did any remodeling or additions to the home and bring in copies of all receipts that you collected over the past year. By following these best practices you will always have adequate coverage in case of a disaster and that gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered.

Choosing the Best Auto Insurance in Woodstock, GA

If you drive in Woodstock, GA, it is illegal to do so without the proper insurance coverage. However, with all the options out there, this can create a rather confusing situation. The best way to purchase auto coverage is to find the right auto agency and then find a policy that meets your unique needs.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance Company

When searching for auto insurance in Woodstock, GA one of the first things to consider is the company you are going to work with. For example, if you choose a local provider with a small office, you are going to receive more personalized attention. However, a larger, national insurer is usually going to offer more insurance coverage options.

In most cases, it is important to consider what is more important – the options in coverage or great customer service. This can help you decide if you want to stay local or choose a larger provider.

Consider the Policy Options

Another important consideration is the types of policies available. Each state has a required minimum coverage amount, but it is typically best to purchase more coverage than that. This will ensure you can receive help even if an accident or some other issue is your fault.

Keep in mind that for many people, budget plays a huge role in the coverage they ultimately purchase. It is a good idea to figure out what you can realistically afford before you start comparing options. This is the absolute best way to ensure you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing auto insurance does not have to be impossible. However, it does take time and effort. If you need help with this important decision contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today.