Home Liability Coverage Benefits

You want to be a responsible homeowner in Mountain Park, Georgia. You fix up your home, and keep it as safe as can be. There is still the possibility of someone becoming injured. It may be a trip on the porch stairs or it could be a dog bite. There is no telling how person could be injured, no matter how safe you may try to keep your home.

There are home liability coverage benefits available within your homeowner’s policy. This allows you to file a claim so that the insurance company pays for the various expenses involved with an injury so that it does not become your financial responsibility.

Various limits can be established on this coverage. The higher the limit, the less likely you are to spend money out of pocket. As the homeowner, you will often be found liable for a person’s injuries. By having the coverage, you can avoid paying such expenses as:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering settlements
  • Lost wages
  • Death benefits
  • Lawyer costs

Even if it is a family member or friend, if someone is injured severely, they are likely going to get a lawyer. This is because they want to look out for their best interests. They know that if they need to go to the hospital, medical bills are going to add up quickly and they may be out of work for weeks.

By exploring your home liability coverage benefits more thoroughly, you can make sure that the limits are sufficient so that you can minimize the money you pay in the event someone hurts themselves on your property.

Call us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today to discuss home liability coverage benefits available to you in Mountain Park. It can be the easiest way to ensure you are protected in your Georgia home.



Safer Winter Driving

Mountain Park, GA does not typically see the severe winter weather of the northernmost states, but even a small amount of snow or ice can impair a driver’s ability to reach his or her destination safely. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. offers tips on how to safely navigate various winter driving conditions.


Driving on ice is very dangerous. If icy roads are present, plan to stay home. Give roads time to thaw before attempting any travel. If you must travel for some reason, try to do so after road crews have applied salt and gravel to driving surfaces. Always drive as slowly as possible in icy weather.


Snow creates several issues for drivers. Blowing snow may create drifts in the road which can send a car into a spin or even cause a vehicle to come to an abrupt stop. Drive slowly in snow, making sure headlights and windows are clear.


Melting snow creates a dirty, slushy mix which can cause problems for drivers. Cars can hydroplane on wet surfaces, creating a hazardous scenario for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Do not assume that melting snow means it is safe to drive the maximum posted speed limit. Continue to use caution until all roads are clear.

High Winds

High wind gusts can blow tree limbs, wires and even other vehicles into your path. Keep plenty of room between your car and other vehicles during high winds. Try to avoid driving near high-sided trucks as they will take the most impact during windy conditions.

If you need more information on arriving safely at your destination during inclement weather, or for a no obligation quote on auto insurance, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today. Our independent insurance agency will be happy to help you navigate your auto insurance needs.