Why Travel Trailer Insurance Is An Asset For Georgia Residents

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Why Travel Trailer Insurance Is An Asset

Many Woodstock, GA residents enjoy camping. If you plan to go camping, perhaps you are attaching a travel trailer to your RV because you plan on taking an extended vacation. Travel trailer insurance covers your asset while you enjoy a nice vacation.

Travel Trailer Insurance is important because it’s the only way to fully cover the accessory. If something happens to your travel trailer, you can’t cover it through your auto or RV insurance policies. Having a travel trailer policy is the only way to protect your asset if it is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage

Travel trailer coverage protects your trailer if you collide with an animal while you are camping or there is inclement weather in the area. You are protected if your trailer catches on fire or a tree falls on it and causes damage. Hurricanes and tornadoes are a constant threat in the South. You’ll be protected if powerful winds cause damage to your trailer.  

Replacement Coverage

If your travel trailer suffers serious damage, you are protected if you need to find a new one. You can also find temporary lodging coverage so that you will be covered if you have to seek temporary lodging elsewhere while your trailer is repaired.


All of your personal items inside the trailer are covered if they are stolen or damaged.

Roadside Assistance

You can add roadside assistance to your policy to cover you if you have a flat tire or you need emergency towing service.

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Required Commercial Insurance in Georgia

Like other states, Georgia has its own laws about which type of insurance policies must be held by small business owners. This is protection for others as well as for you as the owner. If you don’t have the proper coverage for your business, contact us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc in Woodstock, GA.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Workers’ compensation is there to protect the employees of a business as well as the business itself. In Georgia, it is required to have this insurance for every business that has three or more employees, even if they are part-time workers. This assured workers that there will be funds to pay their medical bills if they should have an accident or develop an illness at work.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Georgia also requires that every business that owners a car have a commercial auto policy. The state has a specific amount stipulated for the minimum amount of coverage you have to have for bodily injury liability for one person and another amount for the bodily injury liability for everyone in the accident. It also requires a set minimum of property damage liability for an entire accident. If your vehicle is not owned by the company, but it is used for company business, it’s generally a good idea to cover it with an auto insurance policy called hired and non-owned. 

General Liability

A general liability policy is not required by the state, but it is a recommended type of insurance that can cover many more instances of liability that may not be covered by other policies. It’s a good idea to have this layer of liability protection in today’s highly litigious world. 

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