Insuring the business inside your home

A lot of people are running commercial operations, or businesses out of their homes. Many business owners are renters of the places where there businesses are, but when you operate one out of your home, that changes the rules somewhat. Professional staff at Peter Laczko Insurance in Woodstock, GA can advise you of your insurance needs when you operate a business in your home.

To some extent, your homeowners insurance is all you need. If you are a freelance writer, for instance, and customers ever enter your business, there may not be any need for anything extra. However, if you are a massage therapist or hairdresser, and people come to your home for service, you will have much different needs.

Your exposure to liability is a major concern when it comes to operating a business, and this is an area where you need to make sure  you are covered. Agents at Peter Laczko Insurance in Woodstock, GA. can explain the intricacies of how this insurance works, and can help you make sure you have the coverage you need.

But even if your business does not involve having the public in your home, you should also be concerned about your equipment or tools, that can get very expensive. You may be able to include it under your homeowners policy, but in some cases you will need an additional policy or rider to get the coverage you need.

Even if you are buying and selling items over the Internet, you will still want to make sure the property you are selling is covered against things like theft, fire or various storm damage. If you are an existing customer, come visit us and let us update your policy to reflect your current situation. New customers are always welcome too, and we can help you find the best policy to fit your situation.

What Is The Difference Between Homeowners And Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects your personal property which is not protected by a condo association or your landlord, while renters and homeowners face similar risks.  Reports establish that only 37 percent of renters have renters insurance.  Renters insurance premiums are different depending on where you live.

Renters should be aware that that owner’s insurance policy is typically not written to cover any losses to the renter’s property if it is damaged or destroyed.  There are rental policies that required renters to insure their property.  

The landlord and the homeowner have similar risks. There is a definite advantage to the landowner if renters protect their property such as: 

*  To protect the landlord from renter’s  who sue the landlord for any property damage claiming the landlord has responsibility.
*  If the tenant claims it cannot afford insurance the landlord has the opportunity to not to rent to a tenant that presents a risk.
*   The Landlord shifts the risk to the tenant to reduce its responsibility.
*   Tenant damages to the apartment will cover the landlord’s deductible on its policy.
*   If the tenant is a business renter the tenant’s business is protected by its commercial business policy and not by the landlord’s policy.

The major difference between a landlord/homeowner and renters policy is cost.  Renter’s insurance cost less than homeowners unless the renter is a business covered by its commercial policy.

The landlord/homeowner’s policy covers structure while renter’s policy mainly covers personal property.  However, both policies are similar in determining loss either based upon actual cash value or replacement value.  There exclusions that may not cover unusual personal property or environmental threats.  It is clear that as a renter you lose autonomy.  Some insurers will exclude certain types of animals or breed of dogs.