Smart Tips for Winterizing your Motor Home

With winter fast approaching, you may be considering storing your RV until the turn of the season. Proper storage will ensure your motorhome is safe and secure until you’re ready to use it again in the spring. Here are a few tips to winterizing your RV for storage.

Inspect RV Inside and Out

Inspect your vehicle inside and out and have minor repairs done. Pay special attention to the roof, windows, doors, sidewalls, and seams. Reseal cracks or holes that can cause moisture to seep through and damage the interior. Once repairs are done, clean your RV inside and out so that it’s ready for travel in the spring.

Drain Water System

Drain all water from your pipes to avoid problems with water freezing and cracking water lines. Pumping antifreeze through the plumbing system can help expel water from the pipes. Follow the checklist for draining your plumbing system in your RV owner’s manual to ensure you’re doing it right.

Remove Batteries

Remove RV batteries during winter and keep them in a cool, dry location. Be sure to check the batteries periodically and charge them to full capacity when necessary to avoid problems with freezing.

Store RV in Safe Spot  

Choose a safe spot for storage, preferably an indoor shelter to protect your motorhome from the elements. If you’re going to park it on the driveway of your Woodstock GA home, find a spot where it’s less likely to get damaged by winter storms. Cover your RV to protect it from wind, rain, snow, ice and UV rays from the sun. A custom designed RV cover with straps will keep moisture out and protect the exterior from damage.

Keep Up Insurance Coverage

Talk to us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. about insurance options for storage. The right motorhome insurance coverage from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA will protect your RV against any eventuality while in storage.   

Jet-Ski Winter Care and Maintenance

In Woodstock, GA, the winters aren’t exactly harsh, but they may give you cause to put your jet-ski in storage for three or four months. The agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can give you tips on keeping your jet-ski in top condition while it is in sitting in storage. Allowing your jet-ski or any other motorized vehicle to set for long periods of time can be hard on the engine and cause it to run poorly when you fire it up the first time.

Winterize the Engine

Winterize the engine by following the instructions in your jet-ski’s manual. Drain as much of the water as possible out of your ski’s cooling system. Add a stabilizer to the fuel tank when you fill it. Let the jet-ski run for approximately 30 seconds to make sure it mixes thoroughly. Oil and lube the carburetor, seals, and spark plug cylinders to keep them from drying out. Remember to take the battery out of your jet-ski and store it separately.

Cover It Well

Gently wash your jet-ski removing any dirt or residue from the water. Use a gentle soap and soft rag to wipe it down from top to bottom. Take a dry cloth and remove any moisture or drops of water they remain. Let the jet-ski finish drying for an hour or so. Once the ski is dry, put a cover over your jet-ski and make sure it is firmly attached. Even if you are putting inside a storage unit, always make sure the cover is secure to prevent animals or moisture from getting inside.

The agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. are always available if you have questions about jet-ski insurance policies or how to protect yourself and your jet-ski when it isn’t being used. If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, call and schedule an appointment today. They will go over your policy and make sure you are fully covered.