3 Tips for Prepping Your Boat for Summer Fun

At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., we know that getting out in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend with your family. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure everyone has a safe time. Here are three tips for prepping your Woodstock, GA boat for summer fun.

Tip #1: Have a Professional Check the Motor and Equipment

One of the easiest ways to prep your boat for summer fun is by doing a bit of routine maintenance. If you aren’t familiar with watercraft, have a professional check the motor and equipment to determine if everything is in proper order. Also, check any trailer tires for cracks or leaks, especially if they’ve been sitting in the sun during the off-season.

Tip #2: Pack Life Jackets for Everyone (and Make Sure They Fit Appropriately)

It’s also vital to pack life jackets for everyone who plans to be on board the boat, plus a few extras for any additional guests that might show up. If you are bringing children along for the trip, double check to make sure their old flotation devices still fit appropriately. Doing this is more than just a good idea—it could save a life.

Tip #3: Purchase Adequate Boat Insurance

Another tip is to purchase adequate boat insurance. While there’s no explicit requirement for insuring your watercraft, it is a good idea to at least carry some form of liability coverage. That way if there’s an accident during your day of fun, you can protect yourself against the potential for a costly lawsuit.
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Let RV Insurance Protect Your Campground Vacation This Summer

With summer vacation on the horizon, campgrounds are being booked with reservations and RVs are being prepared. For many families in and around the Woodstock, GA, RVs and campgrounds will consume their summer vacation. If this sounds like your family vacation, it may be time to contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. for RV insurance to protect your family and belonging this summer in the campground. While RV insurance is not required in Georgia, it is highly recommended and a necessary layer of protection for investments. 

Comprehensive Coverage

RV insurance covers your camper while you are both driving down the road and also while you are parked in the campground and using your RV for lodging. A standard auto policy will not cover any damages that occur during lodging use, which is why RV insurance is so essential to families spending their vacations in a campground. Should accidents, theft, or tragedy strike your RV while you are camping, coverage is available for repairs or replacements of personal property within the RV, as well as the RV. 

Cover Your Toys

If you are looking to carry other types of recreational vehicles on your camping vacation such as ATVs, golf carts, or Jet skis, add them to your policy so that they are covered, as well. Like your RV camper, these vehicles are at risk for the same types of damages while lodged in the campground. 

Protect Your Vacation Today

If you do not currently have a policy for your RV camper, contact the Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. agency today. Proudly serving residents in and around the Woodstock, GA area, our agents are available to take your call and provide you with more information regarding your policy. Enjoy a campground vacation without any worries this summer.