Should I Get Renters Insurance If I Live in My Parent’s House?

There’s no denying that a large percentage of Millennials are living with their parents. In fact, according to certain studies, the rate of young adults choosing to stay in their parents’ homes is higher than it ever has been. If you happen to be one of these young adults, there’s no need to feel alone. What you do need to do, however, is make sure that you are protecting your belongings with insurance just the same as you would if you were living in an apartment or renting a house from a landlord. 

Do I Need Insurance If I Rent From My Parents?

When you live with your parents, you can still speak with an insurance agent about purchasing renters insurance. Many insurance companies will allow you to buy coverage for your personal belongings. All of your parent’s belongings will have to be covered by their own homeowner’s policy. Purchasing renters insurance while living at your parents is especially simple when you have your own entrance to the home and your own living quarters. 

It should be noted that the specifics of a renters insurance policy will vary from one insurance provider to the next, making is very important to speak with an agent to determine exactly what is covered and what is not. If you have chosen to stay in your parents home, regardless of your reasons, you definitely need to speak with an insurance agent to see how renters insurance can be of benefit to you. Even if you are staying there for a limited amount of time to save up for your own home, a renters insurance policy can provide you with peace of mind. 

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When is Commercial Insurance Necessary?

If you are a business owner in the Woodstock, GA area, you will find that there are many important business decisions that need to be made. One very important decision you will have to make is whether or not to get commercial insurance. There are several situations in which having commercial insurance is a necessity.

You Have a Loan

One situation in which you may be required to carry commercial insurance is if you have a business loan. Taking out a business loan and be a very good financial decision for many business owners. However, when you do have a business loan, you will be required to carry commercial insurance and name the lender as an additional insured party. 

When You Have Employees

Another situation in which having commercial insurance is a necessity for your business is if you employ people. In the state of Georgia, all companies that have more than three regular employees are required to carry workers compensation coverage. This type of insurance will help to ensure that your employees are properly covered in the event they are injured while working.

Operate Out of a Property

If you operate out of a property, you also need to carry property insurance as a form of commercial insurance. Even if you are the tenant on the property, you will likely be required under the lease to carry coverage on the building. This will provide you with protection if the building is damaged.

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