How Your Home Insurance Provides Protection for Family Parties

Part of the joy of owning your own home is inviting all your Woodstock, GA area friends and family to come over for a special celebration. If you ever worry about what would happen to your personal savings account if somebody was injured on the deck or in the pool, your home insurance policy from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. is here to provide reassurance and protection.

Trip and Falls Do Happen

No matter how diligent you are in maintaining your home, it is always possible for somebody to trip on the front steps or slip around the pool.  They are called accidents for a reason. When it happens on your property, it is likely that you may be found responsible for the costs incurred in the emergency room and while your friend recovers. That is only fair, but not the end of the world.

Liability Coverage Takes Care of Medical Payments

Part of every home insurance policy is a liability section. This helps to cover the expense of seeking medical treatment and even for living expenses when somebody is injured on your property. You are generally responsible to pay for a minimal deductible while the insurance company takes care of the rest, up to an agreed upon maximum amount. 

Party On with Confidence

What does this mean? Feel free to open the doors of your Woodstock, GA home and welcome in your family for some fun over the long weekend. Since you have a home insurance policy from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. you are protected from the unexpected incidents that may arise during any celebration. If you are wondering if your liability is sufficient, give our local insurance agents a call and we will be happy to review your policy today.

What Protection Does Your Home Policy Provide for Items You Have in Storage?

Many people in the greater Woodstock, GA area find that they have more possessions than will fit in their home or apartment. Whether you are a renter or an owner, a comprehensive policy can provide protection for your items, no matter where they may be. The professional team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. are here to review your current policy or to help you choose your first home owner or renter’s policy. If you are unsure of the level of protection that you have or that you need, we are here to help!

Protect Your Possessions, No Matter Where They Are

If you are downsizing, or are just cleaning out some clutter from your home, you may find that a storage solution is necessary for your belongings. There are insurance policies available, for both homeowners and renters, that need protection for items that are both at home or in storage. A comprehensive policy will provide the protection you need for all of your personal items. One thing to note is that your home or renters insurance policy will likely not provide coverage of your items as they are being transported from one place to another via a moving company. During your home insurance policy review be sure to inform your agent of any plans that you may have to relocate and how your items will be transported and they can address your individual situation.

Now is the time to make sure that you have the coverage that you need to protect your possessions, whether they are in your home or at a storage facility. If you are in the greater Woodstock, GA area call or stop by the Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. offices today and we will help you put the necessary coverage in place!

Home owners transition basics

In today’s life transitions, people no longer stay in one family home for generations. Often people will live and own several houses of different sizes, in different areas of the country during their lives. Transitioning you should know a few basics so a new place to live doesn’t dazzle you and then surprise you with costs you don’t anticipate.

Be aware of your paper trail

  • Know your credit rating: This can make a difference in your insurance premium.
  • Check your any home insurance claims that you might have filed.  Your agent can look at various sites for you and determine how it will affect future insurance.
  • Renters insurance It can be important to have a history of insurance when you are buying.

Things to look for

  • Construction of the house:  Look at the location of where you want to move, it may come with hidden problems like flooding hurricanes or weather.
  • Age of the house: Older homes sometimes have features that are costly to deal with repairs. These replacements may raise the cost of insurance.  
  • Current codes: The age of the house and updates may indicate whether or not it’s up to code. This may affect insurance rates.
  • Mechanical systems and safety devices:  Plumbing, electric, HVAC, as well as smoke, fire and burglar alarms all wear out in time. Recent upgrades make for a safer home and minimize insurance.
  • Pool, wood burning stove: Wonderful to have, but you will need higher property and liability.
  • Fire department: Little known is that if a home is located near a fire station and a hydrant close by have reduced insurance. Also, there’s a bonus for a professional rather fire department.
Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA can help you find the insurance you need.


Insuring the business inside your home

A lot of people are running commercial operations, or businesses out of their homes. Many business owners are renters of the places where there businesses are, but when you operate one out of your home, that changes the rules somewhat. Professional staff at Peter Laczko Insurance in Woodstock, GA can advise you of your insurance needs when you operate a business in your home.

To some extent, your homeowners insurance is all you need. If you are a freelance writer, for instance, and customers ever enter your business, there may not be any need for anything extra. However, if you are a massage therapist or hairdresser, and people come to your home for service, you will have much different needs.

Your exposure to liability is a major concern when it comes to operating a business, and this is an area where you need to make sure  you are covered. Agents at Peter Laczko Insurance in Woodstock, GA. can explain the intricacies of how this insurance works, and can help you make sure you have the coverage you need.

But even if your business does not involve having the public in your home, you should also be concerned about your equipment or tools, that can get very expensive. You may be able to include it under your homeowners policy, but in some cases you will need an additional policy or rider to get the coverage you need.

Even if you are buying and selling items over the Internet, you will still want to make sure the property you are selling is covered against things like theft, fire or various storm damage. If you are an existing customer, come visit us and let us update your policy to reflect your current situation. New customers are always welcome too, and we can help you find the best policy to fit your situation.

What Is The Difference Between Homeowners And Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects your personal property which is not protected by a condo association or your landlord, while renters and homeowners face similar risks.  Reports establish that only 37 percent of renters have renters insurance.  Renters insurance premiums are different depending on where you live.

Renters should be aware that that owner’s insurance policy is typically not written to cover any losses to the renter’s property if it is damaged or destroyed.  There are rental policies that required renters to insure their property.  

The landlord and the homeowner have similar risks. There is a definite advantage to the landowner if renters protect their property such as: 

*  To protect the landlord from renter’s  who sue the landlord for any property damage claiming the landlord has responsibility.
*  If the tenant claims it cannot afford insurance the landlord has the opportunity to not to rent to a tenant that presents a risk.
*   The Landlord shifts the risk to the tenant to reduce its responsibility.
*   Tenant damages to the apartment will cover the landlord’s deductible on its policy.
*   If the tenant is a business renter the tenant’s business is protected by its commercial business policy and not by the landlord’s policy.

The major difference between a landlord/homeowner and renters policy is cost.  Renter’s insurance cost less than homeowners unless the renter is a business covered by its commercial policy.

The landlord/homeowner’s policy covers structure while renter’s policy mainly covers personal property.  However, both policies are similar in determining loss either based upon actual cash value or replacement value.  There exclusions that may not cover unusual personal property or environmental threats.  It is clear that as a renter you lose autonomy.  Some insurers will exclude certain types of animals or breed of dogs.

A Home Inventory Can Expedite Your Insurance Claim

A home inventory can come in handy when making an insurance claim. Making an inventory of your personal effects gives you an accurate picture of what you own and how much your goods are worth. In the event of theft, damage or loss of personal goods, you can present this inventory to your Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. adjuster in Woodstock. GA to help expedite your claim. Here are some of the advantages of going through the trouble of making a home inventory.

Proof of Ownership

A home inventory is a document that lists all of your personal effects to include clothing, furniture, electronics, sports gear, jewelry, etc. Your inventory should include a brief description of your goods, receipts of purchase, certification of the historical or cultural value of heirlooms or antiques and photos to verify the condition of valuable items. If you have to make a claim, this document provides proof of ownership for the item(s) that have been damaged or lost. Having this information on hand will help expedite the claims process.  

Proof of Value

In addition to proof of ownership, your home inventory can help substantiate the value of costly goods covered by your insurance policy. Depending on the type of coverage you have and its limits, you can claim the full cost of repairing or replacing items that were stolen, lost or damaged in an event covered by your policy. If, for example, you are covered for replacement costs of posh jewelry, heirlooms or art, having these items documented on a home inventory can help you recuperate your loss.

Having a home inventory can work in your favor to simplify an insurance claim. To learn more about home inventories and how they can facilitate insurance claims, contact your Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. representative in Woodstock. GA.  

Keeping Home Insurance Simple: Tips to Understand Your Policy

Thinking about home insurance is not something you’ll find on most people’s to-do lists. It also only tends to come up in conversation when there’s a problem. While it doesn’t have to be the sole topic of conversation, ignoring it makes the topic that much more confusing. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. wants the people of Woodstock, GA to know more about their policy before they make any further decisions about it.

The More You Buy, The More You Save 

The more coverage you buy, the more money you save over the time. That’s a simple enough concept to understand if you’re annoyed with all the jargon and clause numbers. By choosing the bare minimum of coverage, you’re probably getting a premium you can handle from month to month. But without the extra coverage, you’re going to need to put your savings into the repairs yourself if there’s an problem that doesn’t fall under your policy. You risk declaring bankruptcy over a house you can no longer afford to keep up (or live in.) Without these extra precautions, it will be difficult to effectively save for the future. Even if it takes a while, damage from storms, thieves or Father Time is inevitable, and you need to have a plan for when they do occur. 

Your Policy Is Special 

Each person’s policy is based on what they need. While certain things remain standard, there’s no reason why you can’t make special requests based on your possessions and personal wishes. Talking to an agent can put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to what you own. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. is here to answer questions and make this easier for you. Call to find out more about how our policies are made to fit the needs of the people of Woodstock, GA.

In Woodstock, GA, Do Homeowners Need a Supplemental Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Disaster can strike at any time, so it’s important to protect your home which is most likely your biggest asset.  Homeowners insurance protects you financially should there be a disastrous event such as a fire.  Most policies also cover the homeowner’s personal possessions such as clothing and furniture.  The policy will also cover storage buildings, fences and other small structures on the property.  Additionally, a homeowner’s insurance policy provides personal liability protection.  This coverage protects the owner should someone injure themselves on the property and decide to sue.  Many policies will also pay for their medical expenses related to the injury.  Also, if the home is destroyed or significantly damaged, your policy can provide funds to cover the additional expenses that you will incur from hotels, meals, etc.  This helps support you and your family until you can return to your home.  Adequate homeowner’s insurance can help you recover from an unexpected event quickly.

There are things that homeowner’s insurance does not cover though.  Owners in Woodstock, GA need to assess their risks and talk with their insurance agent to determine whether coverage is appropriate for their needs.  Agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can discuss your options.  Often homeowners with firearms, antiques or other valuable items will opt for supplemental policies to ensure that these items can be repaired or replaced if they are damaged or destroyed.  If the home is in a flood zone, flood insurance will be needed.  This will provide funds is the home suffers water damage.  In areas affected by earthquakes, an additional policy can provide supplemental protection for you and your family. 

The team at Peter Laczko Insurance, Inc. can review your situation and answer any questions you have. 

Protect Your Home Insurance and Avoid Liabilities During the Holidays

It’s true. Your home insurance protects you from mishaps throughout the year. Damage stemming from natural disasters, fires, and incidental losses may all be covered by your policy. During the holidays, it’s easy for these mishaps to occur, but it’s even easier to prevent liabilities.

Fix Walkways

If you anticipate having guests at your home, then you have to prepare your home. One of the most common overlooked problems with a home is its walkway. Cracks and missing stones can trip guests and cause them to be injured. If this happens, you may be reliable. As such, take measures now to prevent potential liability issues with guests in Woodstock, GA.

Remove Ice from Your Walkway

Another common holiday problem facing homeowners in Woodstock, GA is ice. Winters in Georgia can lead to ice accumulating on your driveway and steps. If you don’t remove the ice, and someone slips and falls, you may be sued. The solution to the problem is as simple as removing the ice and salting your driveway and porch.

Don’t Let People Drive Intoxicated

Did you know you may be responsible for someone getting into an accident after they leave your home? If you serve spirits and a person gets into an accident leaving your holiday party, the victim may be able to sue you. You can avoid this problem by preventing people from driving after they’ve had adult drinks. To make it simple, become a designated driver at your holiday party. As the designated driver, you reduce your liability risks.

With the holidays around the corner, you don’t want to ruin your event by creating liability issues. Instead, take measures to protect your home to ensure everyone remains safe this year. Additionally, if you would like to know what is covered by your home insurance policy, we encourage you to give us a call. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having enough home insurance coverage.


Home Insurance Gaps That You Need to Know About

You buy home insurance to protect your home from problems that may crop up. After all, you don’t want a fire or other accident to leave you homeless or on the hook for costly repairs. However, the typical home insurance policy may not cover everything that you think it does. Here are some common home insurance gaps that you need to know about in Woodstock, GA.

Expensive Collectibles or Other Items

If you have a nice art collection, coin collection, or just some pricey jewelry, you definitely want to check with your agent to make sure that those items are covered on your policy. You may need to purchase an insurance rider to make sure that those costly losses are covered in case of fire or theft.

Pools and Trampolines

Some insurance policies will not cover accidents that occur on trampolines or in pools. You should check with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to make sure that there are no exceptions on your policy for these types of accidents. If so, you’ll want to purchase additional insurance to protect yourself from a lawsuit should there be an accident on your property on a trampoline or in the pool.

Inadequate Coverage

Think about what’s in your home and look over your policy. Could you replace all of your possessions for the maximum personal property loss listed on your policy? When you start considering electronics, firearms, jewelry, and the possessions of four or five individuals, you may realize that your coverage is not enough to replace all your stuff if your home was a total loss from a fire or natural disaster.

Home Business Expenses

If you run a business out of your home, you may need an additional policy for your business property because your homeowner’s policy is not set up to cover business items.

Flood and Earthquake

Many homeowners policies do not cover damage due to flood or earthquakes. You should talk to your agent about buying flood or insurance coverage to protect yourself if this were to happen to you.

If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to discuss common home insurance gaps.