Towing Your Boat? Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

We love getting out on the water here in Georgia and think that our area has some of the best lakes for enjoying boat ownership! If you are a boat owner in the greater Woodstock, GA area, the team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. would love to talk to you about your boat insurance options. 

Hazards that Can Occur When Towing Your Boat

A basic boat policy may not include optimal coverage for accidents that occur while your boat is being towed. If your boat or trailer causes damage while you’re in transit from your home to the water, the coverage that a basic policy offers may be less than ideal. With a comprehensive policy that includes coverage while you are in transit, you can relieve a lot of stress should an accident occur. Many people who take their boat from their usual marina to a nearby lake or another body of water may not be aware of the necessity for more robust coverage while their boat is on the road. If the damage is caused by the trailer itself, the accident may not be covered by your boat insurance. Similarly, if someone else causes damage to your boat due to a vehicle accident, it is possible that your boat policy won’t provide the coverage you want. Make sure that you have the appropriate coverage before you trailer your boat. 

Want to find out more about your coverage options? If you are in the Woodstock, GA area and want to make sure that you have the right coverage for your boat and trailer, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. is here to help! Call or stop by today to learn more about the boat insurance options that are available in our area. 

What is “Off -Season” RV Insurance?

If you’re like most RV owners, you probably hit the road during spring and summer and store your vehicle during off-season months when cold weather sets in. Adjusting your insurance coverage during this off-season period can help save you money on premium costs. At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA, we can help you adjust your coverage to meet your off-season RV insurance needs. Here are a few ideas of how to adjust your insurance coverage during the off-season months:


When you’re on the road, you need ample liability coverage to protect you against accidents you may cause. During the off-season, however, you can reduce your liability protection to minimum state requirements to save on insurance costs.

Optional Coverage

You may want to drop optional coverage like roadside assistance, towing or campsite liability during these off-season months as they won’t be needed while your RV is in storage. Just remember to reinstate this coverage when you’re ready to hit the road again in spring so you’re not caught unprepared.


Comprehensive coverage is still important while your vehicle’s in storage as there’s always the risk of theft, vandalism or damage due to adverse weather. You may also decide to use your vehicle once or twice during the off-season, making it important to retain this essential coverage.

Check for Discounts

When adjusting RV insurance for the off-season, check for discounts that can help reduce insurance costs. If you’ve paid your RV in full or had no claims over the last year, you may qualify for a discount on your policy. Improved credit or bundling your RV with auto or home insurance could also make you eligible for a discounted rate on your RV insurance policy.

For more information on RV insurance coverage and costs, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA.