How to Best Clean Your Car in Woodstock, Georgia

While it’s important to get the best possible auto insurance for your automobile in Woodstock, Georgia, through a local broker like Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. keeping your vehicle clean is more of an ongoing concern. Not only does keeping your car clean help it’s resale value and allow it to look good, but it can also protect you from getting into an accident as dirt can accumulate on the windows and mirrors, effecting visibility. Below are some tips for how to best clean your car in Woodstock, Georgia.


Wash and wax your vehicle on a weekly basis a few weeks in a row. This way there will be a build up of car wax on the outside that will take a long time to wear out. While it may be tie consuming and a little costly off the bat to repeatedly wash and wax your car over a few weeks, it will actually save you money and time in the long run as you won’t have to wash your car for the next few months, or until the wax shield has be worn down,


Windows, windshields and mirrors are arguably the most prone to dirt and smudges and are the most important to keep clean on a regular basis, as they can be the difference between getting into an accident and driving safely. The best way to clean these are with old newspapers and some window cleaning solution that is streak free. Do this on a weekly basis, at least.


The most frustrating thing about vacuuming your car is dragging out a house vacuum and plugging it in or using a coin operated vacuum within the allotted time. So buy a hand vacuum that will allow you to regularly clean the floors of your vehicle of any excess dirt that has been tracked inside. 

Why Cleaning Your Car Is Important

For many, the car is more than just a method of transport, it doubles as an office, a place to relax, a place to eat, and so much more. So why is keeping it clean so important? Aside from the obvious which is to improve your overall health and the feeling that you get when you are in your car, there are also some practical implications as well.

For starters, keeping your car clean may help improve the overall life of your car and can help improve the life of things like your seats, your floor mats, and more. Keeping your car clean can help to extend the life of leather seats, can help make your floor mats last longer, and can even help to keep your dash from cracking and chipping.

Another practical reason to keep your car clean is that people often make first impressions based on the cleanliness of something like your car. Having a clean car is a great way to keep from feeling frantic and unorganized in the car and keeping it clean can help ease your mind and make a great first impression. Keeping your car clean can also help reduce the number of distractions that you have while driving allowing you to spend more time looking at the road and less time worrying about why there is a plastic cup rolling around your floor boards.

The last benefit is that a clean car can make anyone feel better. Your car may not be the newest or the most expensive but if it is clean you will automatically feel better about it making your drive and the time you spend in the car more enjoyable overall for you and your passengers. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. wants you to stay safe so pick up trash from your floor board.