Insuring Classic Cars

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Woodstock, GA has the job to determine how much insurance is needed to protect a car’s value. Insuring a car is a simple process as long as there is an agreement as to the car’s value.  For today’s cars, there are accepted standards to obtain value.  These rules are contained in Edmund’s Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).  However, classic car dealers start the valuation procedure of classic cars based on these standards.  

Before value indicators are determined fundamental questions must be answered or considered in determining the value of a classic or collector cars such as:

*  Whether collectors insure their classic cars.
*  Whether the specialty insurance premiums for classic cars are more than that of standard premiums.
*  Whether specialty insurance programs have a vehicle age cutoff?
*  Whether the collector car insurance companies impose mile restrictions.

But many other factors must be taken into consideration in evaluating a classic car.  If an accurate value cannot be determined, the car’s insurance value may be meaningless.  Even more challenging is determining the value of an antique car.

The other elements must consider:

*   Starting with the NADA Guide
*   Demand.  
*   Rarity. 
*   Restoration condition.
*   Current level of restoration
*   Project potential.   
*   Determine the popularity.
*   Assess the overall quality.
*   Check the condition.

From this list of qualifiers, hard numbers can be added up to reach a consensus value of a classic car.  Merely going to a classic car auction, while very insightful as to the issue of demand, is too personal because one number does not constitute an average and more importantly a median value. If you want car insurance, please call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Woodstock, GA


3 Things To Consider About RV Insurance

The life of a traveler has a tremendous appeal. The open road, seeing the county and meeting wonderfully interesting people. But before Woodstock, GA residents gas up an RV, there are some things to consider and the professionals at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. are available to help you create an RV policy that makes sense for you.

Frequency And Use

Some RV owners utilize the vehicle only a few weeks out of the year. Others literally travel and live in it full-time. There is a significant difference in terms of policy needs between the two.

Part-time users are generally taking vacations and getaways. It’s a break from working life in many cases. Your policy should be consistent with temporary use and you probably won’t carry a tremendous number of valuables on such trips. Just make the numbers match up.

Full-timers may want to look into a policy that trends more toward homeowners insurance. In other words, items such as clothing, laptops, jewelry and personal items can be accounted for with the right policy. Full-timers really need a policy that provides coverage from the ground up.

Traveling Out Of The Country

Some policies stop at the border while others do not. If you plan to travel to Canada or South of the Border, it’s important to review that issue and perhaps revise the policy.

The Roads You Travel

Travelers understand that there is a significant difference between spending time in luxury RV parks and primitive state forest campsites. RV parks generally have well-paved roads and designated hookups. A mountain road can be hazardous and vehicle damage is something to consider. If you are a backwoods camper, check your coverage limits in terms of damage, towing and other thing associated with negotiating rough roads. Be prepared.

At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. we hope these ideas prove to be thought-provoking for the Woodstock, GA community members we serve. Our professionals are available to create or update a policy that provides you with coverage suitable for your RV needs.