Summer Safety Tips For Your Pet

Lebanon, Georgia is a great place to live. Your pets probably enjoy living there, too. During the summer, it can heat up, and that means in order to keep your pets enjoying where they live, you want to focus on some safety tips.

One of the biggest tips out there is to never leave your pet inside of a parked car. As dogs pant, all of the hot air stays trapped inside the vehicle, and this can cause even more health problems. If you are going anywhere, it’s best to take your dog with you, or keep someone in the car with your dog so that the engine can continue to run.

You also want to make sure that your pets have constant access to water. Many dogs and cats will dehydrate during the summer because the temperatures are considerably hotter than they are throughout the rest of the year. You want to keep water available when they are inside, outside, and when traveling alongside of you.

Concrete and pavement can get very hot, and the paws of your pets are very sensitive. Purchase booties or adhesive paw pads to provide better protection as they walk along the concrete.

There are more bugs during the summer than any other season, and this means more fleas and ticks threatening your pet. Mosquitoes also transmit heartworm, which is a major pet killer. Make a trip to your vet in order to talk about preventative medication and get your pets on them immediately.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer, but you need to practice safety with your pets at all times.

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Teaching Your Teen to Drive the Safe Way

You taught him how to walk, how to swim, how to ride a bike, and now he’s much older and it’s time to teach him to drive. There’s no need to be nervous. Millions of teens each year get their licenses to drive and they go without getting involved in accidents. Just remember, the more practice your teen has, the better his driving skills will be. Here’s a quick look at a few other tips for teaching your teen to drive the safe way in Lebanon, GA.

Get off of your phone

When you’re driving, your teen is watching you. Watching how you turn on turning signals, how you switch lanes, and even how you use your cell phone. This is why it’s so important to put the cell phone down and not use it while behind the wheel of a car. You must lead by example, and this includes showing your teen that it’s not safe to use the phone while driving. 

Always use proper signals and seat belts

If you don’t use turning signals, your teen is going to notice. You need to ensure that you take heed to all traffic signs and that you use a turning signal and hazards anytime they are needed. In addition to using proper signals, you’ll want to lead by example by putting your seat belt on each time you get into a vehicle, regardless of whether or not you are driving. Seat belt statistics prove that they save lives. 

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