Should You Let Others Drive Your Boat?

Owning a boat can be great fun but also a great responsibility. Here at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc, serving Woodstock, GA, we want to help boat owners understand more about liability risks. Keep reading to learn about the risks when letting others drive your boat.

Is It Legal For Other People To Drive My Boat?

Yes, it is usually legal for others to drive your boat as long as they are of age. However, whether or not you should let others drive your boat is a different question. 

Should I Let Others Drive My Boat?

Whether or not you allow others to drive your boat is similar to allowing others to drive your car. There are probably a few people you have in mind that you wouldn’t mind allowing to drive your car, but then again, you probably know plenty of other people you would never allow to drive your vehicle. This is where you will need to use common sense and personal knowledge of the individual. 

People Who Should Never Drive Your Boat?

There are a few individuals that you should never allow to drive your boat for any reason. Let’s look at those. 

Intoxicated individuals– You are responsible for ensuring an intoxicated individual never takes control of your boat. If this person wrecks the boat, injures someone, or causes damage to someone else’s property, you will be held responsible, not them. 

Underaged individuals– You should never allow an underaged individual to drive your boat. You should follow state and local laws concerning a safe age to drive a boat. 

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