Can I Insure My Golf Cart?

Want to have some fun? Watch the vintage comedy movie Caddy Shack and enjoy the hilarious antics of Rodney Dangerfield who has a tricked-out golf bag on wheels that is the envy of all. If Rodney was alive now, he would love the amazing golf carts that are now available.

Customized Golf Carts

Interested in solar-powered battery recharging? That’s a green idea. Want to have a wet bar? No problem. A grill to make hamburgers? That’s easy. How about air-conditioning? Wow, that sounds cool, both in style and in temperature. These things and more are now in fashion when it comes to golf carts.

Golf Cart Insurance

If you are making an investment in such an expensive, customized golf cart, be sure to protect it with adequate insurance. Work with the specialists at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA and the nearby communities.

Be sure to discuss with your agent where the golf cart will be stored and whether there is a benefit for installing an anti-theft device on the golf cart. Also, it is a good idea to have replacement cost coverage rather than just insuring the actual value.

With replacement cost coverage, you can get a new golf cart that is the same or similar to replace one that is completely damaged or stolen. In that way, your golf game is not interrupted by needing to pay more money to buy a new golf cart. Without replacement cost coverage, you may only get what the old one was worth if you sold it.

Remember, with golf, it is not so much how well you play as you keep practicing. It certainly does not hurt to always have a cool drink available in your golf cart’s refrigerator when desired.

To get a quote for golf cart insurance and any other “toys” you may have, call toll free: 888-883-1650 or 678-833-2860 to speak with an agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA who is ready to help you.

When is auto insurance a necessity in Georgia

Driving a car in the state of Georgia is a necessity for most people to get to and from work or school. When you own a car in Georgia, there are many important responsibilities that come along with it. One necessity and requirement that all people have is the requirement to get auto insurance. There are a variety of situations when it will be necessary for someone in the state of Georgia to have an auto insurance policy in place. 

When You Have a Loan

The first situation when you need to have auto insurance on your car in Woodstock, GA, is if you have a lease or a loan against your vehicle. As long the lease or loan is outstanding, the lender will want to make sure that you have insurance to protect their collateral. If you do not have a full collision or comprehensive insurance policy in place, you could be in violation of this agreement.

When On-Road

Whenever you decide to drive your vehicle in Georgia, you will be required to carry liability insurance. Similar to other states, Georgia will require that you have at minimum levels of property damage and bodily injury liability insurance. This will ensure that you have the financial ability to pay restitution if you are found liable in an accident.

Having auto insurance is a necessity for car owners in practically all situations. When you are ready to start shopping for car insurance, you should come to Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. The team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help a Woodstock, GA resident learn far more about their auto insurance options and needs. This can then help them get into a policy that will provide the right type and level of protection.