Do I Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Managing a business is hard work, and it is vital that you have the proper commercial insurance. This is crucial to not only protecting your company, but also to keeping your investments and assets safe. 

What Situations Will Require Commercial Truck Insurance?

Residents of Woodstock, Georgia are required to insure their vehicles under the law whether or not they are used for business purposes, but those that are operated for the use of their companies will require commercial automobile insurance. You will need commercial truck insurance, specifically, if you do any of the following: carrying equipment, transporting hazardous material or substances, moving cleaning supplies, towing heavy machinery, delivering pizzas, towing, performing any sort of chauffeur service, and shipping freight. 

Types of Truck Insurance

Your commercial truck insurance policy will be tailored to the type of vehicle you are using, and varieties can include box trucks, tank trucks, garbage trucks, flatbeds, semis, dump trucks, tow trucks, and trailers for transporting cars. The coverage that you need will depend on the number of average annual miles it is driven and on what sort of items it is used to haul.

You can purchase standard liability, physical damage coverage, underinsured and uninsured motorists insurance, and you can also obtain insurance to cover the loss of cargo. Insurance for semis provides additional options, such as equipment coverage, non trucking, and bobtail insurance. 

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Is Here to Help You

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. has a great deal of experience in serving the people of Woodstock, GA, and they are here to serve you. You can speak to one of their friendly agents about all your commercial insurance needs, and they will be sure to find the right insurance package for you. Contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today!


Does My Landlord’s Policy Cover Me?

Some people believe that their landlord’s insurance policy provides protection for the renter, however, this isn’t the case. A landlord’s policy is designed to protect the owner of the building against damages and loss of income from circumstances that render the property unrentable. If you want peace of mind that your jewelry and collectible items are safe in the event of a fire or burglary, you need renter’s insurance. For a quote and state-specific information about renter’s insurance in Woodstock, GA, contact the Peter Laczko Insurance Inc.

In general, renter’s insurance in Georgia may cover personal property, liability, medical payments, and loss of use. Personal property coverage helps you replace your furniture, appliances, and clothes. Usually, Georgia renter’s insurance uses replacement cost coverage, which means that even if your furniture had lost much of its value before it was destroyed, you’ll get enough money so that you can replace the item with a similar quality product at retail cost. Liability coverage comes into play if someone claims that negligence on your part caused property damage or bodily harm. Regardless of whether this claim is true or false, liability coverage protects you financially. And in Georgia, the insurance company has the duty to defend, meaning that your insurance company pays out of its pocket to investigate a claim and for your legal defense, if needed. Medical payments coverage comes in handy when someone suffers a small injury in your home. For example, your guest may get cut while helping you wash dishes, and in this hypothetical situation, your medical payments coverage would pay for the injury without requiring a liability claim. Loss of use coverage comes in handy when you’re going through a situation where you aren’t able to use your home. If you’re getting asbestos removed from your home and you’re forced to live in a hotel and use a rental car, this coverage would help pay for those expenses.

For more specific information about Woodstock, GA renter’s insurance, call the Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. for a friendly conversation with a helpful associate.