First Time Homeowners Winter Tips

A winter nightmare that causes home damage comes from broken water pipes. Water that does not flow becomes ice that breaks systems. Water pipes can burst. Pipe connections hidden in the walls can break apart. Air conditioning units can suffer damage.

Winter Storms
Strong winds mixed with ice and snow create special risks for homeowners. The weight of the snow and ice may break trees, down power lines, and cause unexpected damage to a home. When the power goes out and home heating systems are not operating, this increases the chance of water pipes bursting.

Once the power comes back on, and the home heats up again, the water starts to flow and major damage might happen from the leaking water.

It is a good idea when facing this danger, to turn off the main water valve to the house, drain all the pipes by turning on the faucets and flushing all the toilets. Empty the water heater. Remove water from any water filtration systems. Turn off the water supply to the air conditioning unit, clean out water from the pan, and drain the pipes.

Some winter damage may be unavoidable. However, water damage from bursting pipes is preventable when taking the proper steps to protect a home, especially when a person is going to be away from the home for an extended period.

Dangerous Winter Road Conditions
An extra risk when driving in winter is a condition called “black ice.” This type of ice on the road is very difficult to see. When car hits a patch of this ice, it may suddenly go out of control. Use caution when passing under an overpass. This is a potential area for this type of ice.

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