Protect Your Small Business with Commercial Insurance

As a small business owner, it’s imperative you have commercial insurance coverage to protect your investment. You never know when an accident will occur that can result in you being liable for injuries, property damage or loss of inventory. The following coverage is a must for small business owners in Georgia.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers loss or damage of your business property such as furniture, inventory, equipment, etc. due to fire, theft or storms. This coverage protects you from having to pay for these expenses on your own. By discussing coverage options with one of our agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. you can learn more about how to protect your property.  

Liability Insurance

If your small business receives customers, you’ll need liability insurance. Liability coverage pays for medical expenses of visitors who accidentally get injured on your business property. Liability coverage will also protect your business from charges of negligence or mistakes made by employees that cause customers harm. If you manufacture or sell a product, product liability insurance will protect you from lawsuits in the event a defective product causes damage or harm.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is essential to protect your employees in the event of an accident. Whether you have several employees or a dozen, you shouldn’t neglect this valuable coverage. Worker’s comp covers medical expenses for injuries your workers sustain on the job as well as disability and/or death benefits if the accident results in serious injury or a worker’s demise.   

Commercial insurance will protect your business assets so you can use your finances to grow your company. At Peter Laczko Insurance  Inc. we can help you acquire the commercial insurance coverage best suited for your small business. Contact us today for all your business insurance needs.

What to Ask When Letting a Friend Drive Your Car

If your friend comes up and asks if they are able to use your vehicle, before saying yes, it is necessary to ask them a few different questions. While we at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. understand often times it is so important to stand there with your friend, you also need to protect yourself as well. To do this, make sure you ask these different questions of your friend before handing over the keys, regardless of if you are in Woodstock or anywhere else in the community. 

License Questions

You need to ask about their driver’s license. If your friend is currently without a valid driver’s license, it is important to avoid letting your friend drive your car. If someone does not have a license and is involved in an accident, you run the risk of being held responsible for anything kind of incident they cause. 

Ask About Their Driving History

Do you know your friend’s driving history? If not, you might want to ask them about it. After all, the last thing you want is to give the keys of your vehicle over to someone who is always being involved in accidents, fender benders, speeding tickets or anything like that. Whenever you allow someone to drive your vehicle, anything they do may end up reflecting on you. By learning about the kind of driver your friend is, you protect them from additional problems and yourself from dealing with any unwanted situations. 

Ask About What They Will Be Doing

You also need to make sure you know what sort of activities they plan on doing. If they are doing anything work related, you need to think twice. This falls under a commercial license and, chances are, your insurance does not cover it.