What Happens if I Move?

Anxious. Excited. Overwhelmed. All of these are emotions we might feel as we prepare to move. When we find out we are going to move we may have anxiety over what’s to come. Not knowing what will happen once we move can be hard to deal with. It can also be exciting as we anticipate about our future in a new place. As we get ready to leave our old familiar settings our to-do lists get longer and longer and we get overwhelmed. We may remember about that renters insurance policy at the last minute and wonder if it will still be valid once we move or what to do. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. wants to help by providing some information so you can cross this task off of your list.

Will My Policy Still be Valid if I Move?

The same rules apply whether you are moving to a new home in Woodstock, GA or somewhere in the state. A lot of times your policy can travel with you if you stay within the state, but it may not if you move out of state or abroad. Every policy is different so it is best to check with your carrier. 

What Should I Do If I am Going to Move?

When you find out you are moving you should notify your insurance company and give them your new address. When you call about your renters insurance, make sure to get confirmation of the change. If they don’t tell you how it will come make sure to ask.  Before you hang up ask for a reference number and the name of the representative you talked to. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. wants you to be well prepared as you get ready to move to a new place in Woodstock, GA or somewhere else.   

3 Things You Should Know About Commercial Insurance in Woodstock

A business in Woodstock, GA needs more than just great employees and fabulous service and products. Owners who take the time to get the best possible commercial insurance are the owners who can survive the unexpected. And make no mistake, the unexpected can happen to anyone at anytime. From storms to injuries to just plain bad luck, there are so many things that can happen to a company that could never be prevented. Instead of fearing it, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. wants to help you be more prepared. 

Your Business Is Unique 

Commercial insurance can be customized to the specific threats of your business. For example, a strictly online retailer will have very different protection needs than a typical retail store will. 

You Need to Protect Your Income 

Insurance doesn’t just cover the repairs or replacements of damaged property or products. It also replaces the income that you would have made had your doors been able to stay open. For example, if it takes several weeks to repair your plumbing system after a major storm, you won’t have to worry about how much income you’ve lost. 

Cyber Crime Is Very Real 

Small businesses are extremely likely to be attacked either through hacking or through social phishing. Most owners don’t have security systems that can fend off the most advanced cyber criminals, so it’s extremely important to have protection against it.

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. has been helping the owners of Woodstock, GA get the coverage they need when it comes to the right commercial insurance policy. We learn everything we can about what you do first. Give us a call if you’re looking to layer your protection, or if you’re just starting out with a new business.