Did You Review Your Home Insurance This Year? You Should!

Home insurance is a vital investment that protects you from potential financial liability after a covered event. It’s crucial to have sufficient insurance coverage for your home. At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., servicing Woodstock, GA, we assist our customers in determining if they have adequate insurance to rebuild and replace damaged or lost items after a covered event occurs.

An annual review of your home insurance is essential if you have one. Here’s why.

Why Review Your Home Insurance?

Prices change over time. The cost of building materials, labor to rebuild a structure, and basic home goods may increase over time. When this happens, the funds available to you through your home insurance policy can cover fewer replacement or repair costs.

Reviewing your home insurance ensures that the coverage amounts in your policy are still sufficient to cover the cost of replacing or repairing your home and belongings. If the amount in your policy is inadequate, you have the option to increase your coverage amount.

Your insurance agent can also contribute to this review process. During your yearly review, they can inform you if there are opportunities to save money on home insurance.

When to Review Your Home Insurance?

You are advised to review your home insurance annually at a time that suits you. For consistency, the most effective approach is to do it at the same time each year. If you need to review your home insurance, we would be glad to assist you! Contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., servicing Woodstock, GA, to get started.