Classic Car Insurance FAQs

If you have a classic car, you need insurance designed to protect your treasure. At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., we offer insurance for your favorite toys, which includes classic car insurance in Woodstock, GA. 

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is a policy designed especially for classic cars. These policies have several differences when compared to standard policies. 

One difference is that the vehicle’s value is usually agreed upon before the policy begins. These aren’t expected to depreciate or decrease in value over time. In fact, you may need to increase the coverage as time goes by because they can increase in value.

What Cars Are Considered Classic Cars?

Each insurance company creates its specific definition for a classic car. However, there are some standards you can expect.

Generally, vehicles that are ten years or older can be considered classic cars. Cars that are twenty-five years or older are usually referred to as antique cars. This also applies to trucks and even military vehicles and farm equipment. 

Newer vehicles can also be considered classics in some cases. This applies to exotic or limited edition vehicles. For example, a Lamborghini can be classified as a classic car because of its rarity and value. 

Are There Restrictions or Requirements for a Classic Car Policy?

Yes. Generally, you’ll need to keep your vehicle in a garage or secured and covered area to qualify. Most insurers also have restrictions on how often you can drive the vehicle. They may limit the number of miles you can travel in your vehicle.

Classic Car Insurance at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc.

If you have a classic car in Woodstock, GA, contact us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Our knowledgeable agents are here to answer any questions and help you select the best policy for your unique needs.