Common types of RV insurance.

Owning a recreational vehicle is considered fascinating since you can easily cruise anywhere around the country. Depending on the type of recreational vehicle that you have, you may or may not require an RV insurance.

With quite a number of recreational vehicles in existence, it is important to think of the right insurance cover given the fact that a normal auto insurance policy may not be suitable for you. Most recreational vehicles double up to be both a vehicle and a home. It is for this reason that you must include equal coverage that has the homeowner’s insurance policies.

Standard recreational vehicle insurance covers:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Personal injury protection
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Limited property damage
  • Property protection

Depending on the class of your RV, you might need more specialized coverage with a number of add-ons. This combined policy will help you reduce exposure to more risks and will really come in handy during the time of losses. Specialty coverage includes:

  1. Total loss replacement which is basically available only on preceding untitled RVs equal to one model year old. Any other RV is insured for an actual cash value or agreed value.
  2. Custom equipment. This is a vital coverage for RVs with upgraded custom parts. After upgrading your RV interior or exterior it is advisable to increase your standard limit.
  3. Vacation liability which is mostly available for pleasure users pays to a specified limit for property damage and bodily injury in case of an accident which occurs when the RV is in use as a temporary vacation residence.
  4. Personal effects which cover your belongings while on vacation in an RV.
  5. Roadside assistance covers towing of a disabled RV to the nearest qualified repaired facility.

RVs are popular modes of vacations for a number of Americans lately. Know whether you need RV insurance today and what type of cover to purchase by visiting us as at Woodstock, GA, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Our RV insurance experts will offer you affordable rates and you’ll definitely get the best deal.

What You Should Consider When Shopping for Boat Insurance in Georgia

Many times, boat insurance is not required, but it is recommended. As always, it’s good to be safe than sorry.  Unfortunately, tragic, unexpected incidences occur sometimes even when it comes to boat and watercraft accidents. These accidents can be tremendously costly when it comes to the coverage for the medical costs, the boat, on-water towing, and more. And as a result, families can be in financial peril without having adequate boat insurance coverage.

There are numerous things that should be taken into consideration to ensure accurate boat insurance coverage in the state of Georgia.  Whether you live in Woodstock, GA or another city in this state, hiring reputable and trustworthy insurance agents is the way to go. There are some things to take into consideration when it comes to the type of boat, the age of the boat, the boat size, adequate medical coverage, and more.  There are also other various situations to consider when it comes to getting proper boat insurance coverage, such as whether you should get liability or comprehensive boat insurance coverage, whether or not you should take a boating safety course, and whether or not you should get coverage for the collision and fuel spill clean-up.   

There is a lot to consider with boat insurance. To learn more about getting proper boat insurance coverage for you, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today. Located in Woodstock, GA,  Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. has agents who are highly trained, license, and bond with several years of experience. They know the ins and outs about boat insurance regulations in Georgia, and they can help you get adequate coverage today.