5 Steps to Take to Make Sure Your Home Is Insured

How do you know if your home has adequate insurance for replacement value? The cost of construction and materials is always increasing in most cases. The best way to know if your home has enough coverage is to consult with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA at least once per year to review and update coverage for your home.

There are five steps to take to make sure your home and its contents are adequately insured, which are:

  1. Use the square footage of the home including the garage and multiply this times the average current construction costs for a new home of the same type in the Woodstock GA area.
  2. Make adjustments to the basic calculation from step one to include the costs of any special features, such as marble countertops, elaborate fireplaces, and custom built-in cabinetry.
  3. Always save receipts for any renovation or remodeling work because those amounts can be used to make an updated current calculation.
  4. Make a written listĀ of all the items contained in the home especially if there are things that are very valuable like artwork or special collections. Save all the original receipts for these items or use research on the Internet to find similar items. Take photos of everything and/or create a video that is a walk-through of the entire house.
  5. Total everything up and this gives a replacement value that needs to be insured.

Each year there should be an annual review with your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to make adjustments for any changes that occurred during the past year and to use current construction prices. Be sure to inform your agent if you did any remodeling or additions to the home and bring in copies of all receipts that you collected over the past year. By following these best practices you will always have adequate coverage in case of a disaster and that gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered.

Choosing the Best Auto Insurance in Woodstock, GA

If you drive in Woodstock, GA, it is illegal to do so without the proper insurance coverage. However, with all the options out there, this can create a rather confusing situation. The best way to purchase auto coverage is to find the right auto agency and then find a policy that meets your unique needs.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance Company

When searching for auto insurance in Woodstock, GA one of the first things to consider is the company you are going to work with. For example, if you choose a local provider with a small office, you are going to receive more personalized attention. However, a larger, national insurer is usually going to offer more insurance coverage options.

In most cases, it is important to consider what is more important – the options in coverage or great customer service. This can help you decide if you want to stay local or choose a larger provider.

Consider the Policy Options

Another important consideration is the types of policies available. Each state has a required minimum coverage amount, but it is typically best to purchase more coverage than that. This will ensure you can receive help even if an accident or some other issue is your fault.

Keep in mind that for many people, budget plays a huge role in the coverage they ultimately purchase. It is a good idea to figure out what you can realistically afford before you start comparing options. This is the absolute best way to ensure you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing auto insurance does not have to be impossible. However, it does take time and effort. If you need help with this important decision contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today.