Why does someone in Georgia need motor home insurance?

Owning a motor home can be a great idea for someone that would like to take a long road trip or simply enjoys spending quality time with friends and family when camping. For those that are in the Woodstock, GA area and choose to buy a motor home need to carefully consider all of their insurance needs. There are several reasons why someone here will be required to have motor home insurance.

Meets State Liability Standards

One reason why you will need to have motor home insurance is that it will help you to meet state liability standards. In Georgia, all drivers on the rod are required by law to carry liability insurance when they drive. This is true for all vehicle owners, including those that have motor homes. These insurance requirements helps to ensure that all people are able to pay for any damages that they cause when driving.

Covers Lender Collateral

You may also need to have motor home insurance if you have a loan out against the motor home. Similar to any other type of vehicle, a lender that provides a loan for a motor home will want to ensure their collateral is protected. A great way that they can do this is by requiring you to carry motor home insurance. When you have this insurance, it will help to ensure your asset and the lender’s collateral is covered against situations that could result in a loss.

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Is Jet Ski Insurance Legally Mandated?

You are not legally required to carry jet ski insurance in Woodstock, GA. Legally speaking, a jet ski is classified just like a boat in more ways than not. This means that you are not required to carry any insurance at all if you don’t want to.

If you’d rather go without, you will want to make sure that you have the money to pay for any damages suffered to your jet ski, or to pay for damages caused by your jet ski, but there is no law on the books saying that you have to carry insurance in order to go cruising.

But, it may be very difficult to even access the lakes and rivers and beaches you’re hoping to explore if you don’t have insurance.

Most docks will not let you park your watercraft without insurance. Out on the open water, there’s not much to run into, but an unruly jet ski rider by the docks can kick up a wake that sends boats crashing into each other, or they may drift into other boats and cause severe damages. So it only stands to reason that, in order to avoid being sued themselves, dock owners would rather that you carry insurance if you’re going to be coming and going. The law can’t require that you carry insurance, but private owners can.

If you’re still shopping around in Woodstock, GA for your jet ski insurance policy, get in touch with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. You can call us up or you can check out the Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. website. We compare a number of quotes in order to get you an insurance policy that works for you.