Do You Really Need Golf Car Insurance?

If you use your golf cart extensively on the green or within your Woodstock, GA community, you may want to consider golf cart insurance. Golf cart insurance offers you liability, theft and property damage protection in the event of an accident. By consulting with an agent from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. you can get a better idea if golf cart insurance would be beneficial for you.

Basic Coverage

If you do decide on golf cart insurance, basic coverage could include liability coverage for property damage and injuries, comprehensive coverage and collision insurance.

Liability insurance will pay for injuries and damages to others in an accident you cause. If you accidentally run into a pedestrian or bike rider while driving your cart in the community, your liability coverage will cover medical and property damage costs.

Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your golf cart if you collide into a car, tree, house, etc., so you don’t have to cover the whole expense out of pocket. If your cart’s stolen or suffers damage from inclement weather, your comprehensive coverage will help pay for the cost of replacement or repairs. 

Are Golf Carts Covered Under Home or Auto Insurance?

For the most part, home and car insurance policies aren’t designed to cover golf cart usage. By reviewing your home and auto policies with your agent, you can see what these policies have to offer in regards to protecting your cart. If these policies offer little or no protection, you have several options. You can obtain an endorsement on your home or auto policy to cover your golf cart or you can purchase a separate insurance policy to protect this item.  

To learn more about the benefits of golf cart insurance, coverage options and cost, contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA. 

Reasons Why Workers Comp is Important

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serves Woodstock, GA and the surrounding area with various types of insurance including worker’s compensation insurance. We’re asked frequently if the insurance is necessary and how it can benefit a business. You should always think "what if" rather than "it won’t" in terms of serious events, especially ones involving your employees. 

1. It Protects Your Employees. 

Worker’s compensation insurance protects your employees. If one of them should happen to get hurt, it takes care of their medical bills and will even cover the expense of their lost wages while they’re off work. Ultimately, the insurance helps your employees get back to work sooner. 

2. It’s the Law.

In many states, you must have worker’s compensation insurance as long as you have one employee. Always talk to your insurance representative to determine your business’ legal worker’s compensation obligations. If your employees travel across state lines, you have to be particularly careful of your policy, so make sure you stress this fact when you speak to a representative. 

3. Protect Your Business and Assets 

This particular insurance protects your business from a lawsuit if an employee should happen to get hurt on the job. If any employee would get hurt on the job and you didn’t have any worker’s compensation insurance, you’re putting your business and assets at risk since you’ll owe the expense. 

4. Cheaper Than a Lawsuit

A lawsuit can get quite expensive quickly, especially when medical bills are involved. For a small premium, you’re able to save yourself money in the long run if an employee would happen to get hurt. 

Contact us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., serving Woodstock, GA and the surrounding area, by calling 888-883-1650 or 678-833-2860 to get a quote for worker’s compensation insurance to protect what you value–your employees and business.