Renter’s Insurance

Renters often underestimate the value of their possessions, and they believe that their landlord’s insurance will cover the costs of any damages they experience. It can be very expensive to replace damaged possessions, and the landlord’s insurance usually does not provide coverage for renters. The rental agreement generally stipulates this. Whether you live in Woodstock, GA or any of the nearby communities, the agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. are available to help you learn about the protections you can get as a renter. The peace of mind that renters insurance provides justifies the nominal cost.

Renters could experience property damage from problems beyond their control. For example, if water leaks from another renter’s unit and causes a lot of damage, that renter may not have coverage to protect you. The renter would need insurance if a water pipe bursts within the their unit. A  washing machine hose could rupture, or a sink could overflow causing damage to the renter’s unit and other units in the building. If fire or a natural disaster causes damage to the renters property, the landlord’s insurance will not cover that damage either. A few natural disaster coverage provisions are considered optional coverage, and our office can discuss these.

Personal liability protection is another important reason for having renter’s insurance. If a visitor suffers an injury in the renter’s unit, then the renter can be held responsible for the injury. The renter could face a big medical bill for the visitor’s injuries. Renter’s insurance will protect against a lawsuit filed by the visitor.

The Peter Laczko insurance Inc. agency will explain the range of insurance options available for renters in Woodstock, GA or any nearby community. Call to find and out more about how our renter’s insurance policies can be made to fit your specific needs.



In Woodstock, GA, Why Is It Important to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim Immediately After An Accident?

The agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serve residents and business owners alike in the Woodstock, GA area. They are especially helpful when it comes to Worker’s Compensation cases and helping you take care of your responsibilities if an employee is injured while on the job or company property. It’s important for you to know the intricacies involved in taking care of a Worker’s Compensation case so that your business remains protected at all times. 

Injuries Can’t Wait

If an employee is injured while on the job or on the premises, they should be immediately seen by a doctor. Not only does this document the injuries, it also time stamps the event. This means that the injuries received in the accident aren’t confused with any prior injury or illness. Making sure the injuries are examined immediately will also provide a more accurate estimation of the possible cost to your company.

Deadlines Must Be Met

Once an accident occurs, there are deadlines that must be met. In Georgia, an employee has one year from the day the injuries were received to file a Worker’s Compensation claim. As the claim process goes on, other deadlines may be set according to the parameters of the Worker’s Compensation insurance as well as with the courts. Your insurance agent will help you navigate through the process once the first claim has been filed.

Business owners in the Woodstock, GA area are encouraged to call the agents of Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. if they have questions about their Worker’s Compensation coverage. Worker’s Compensation insurance can be confusing. Don’t wait to get the answers you need. It’s important that you meet each deadline and have all the information you need to protect both your business and your employees.