Fun in the Sun: Preparing Your Boat for Summer

Warm weather is here and many are anxious to get their boats back out on the water and enjoy fun in the sun!  Before planning the first big outing, an afternoon spent checking the boat and taking safety precautions will ensure that a day spent on the water is a successful one.

  • Make sure there is a fire extinguisher on board and it is in working order and charged.
  • Ensure there are an adequate number of life jackets on the boat and the sizes are appropriate for both children and adults. Check the life jackets to make sure all straps are not weathered and latching correctly.
  • Check the battery to ensure that it is charged and not weak. 
  • Make sure all electronics on-board, navigation lights, and cabin lights are in working order.  
  • Check the fuel lines and all cables to make sure there has been no corrosion or cracks have occurred over the winter months.
  • Perform both a fuel and oil change and replace the filters for both.
  • Clean the overall boat with a mild cleaner and then wax.  Make sure to remember to clean and make sure all windows are clear.

Before the first big outing, do a short test run to ensure that the boat is running at optimal performance.  By doing this, it gives peace of mind for when joining all other boats out on the water. 

Having the proper insurance and coverage for your boat is another safety component to boating that will give you peace of mind.  Call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. toll free at 888-883-1650 or visit our website at to learn about the different types of boating insurance we offer and how we can best serve your needs.

Protect Your Family With Safe Driving Habits

When you live in Woodstock, it is important to protect your family as much as possible with different safe driving habits. This has to do with how you buckle everyone up all the way to how you drive on the roads every day.

If you have young children, you want to make sure that you choose the proper car seat, and ultimately transition to a booster seat. There are many on the market, and you want to pick ones that are based upon the height and weight of your child to provide sufficient protection.

Operation Lifesaver promotes railroad safety, and it has been estimated that a train is responsible for striking a pedestrian or vehicle every three hours in America. Always stop at railroad crossings when the barriers are down and wait for the all clear before crossing them.

Any time that you are driving in a bad weather, you also want to make sure that your headlights are on. It’s also a good idea to reduce speed so that you can react to everything that is going on around you. Change out your windshield wipers in a timely fashion so that they are capable of clearing the windshield.

Always look both ways before crossing the road and even turning into traffic.

By using safe driving habits every time you get behind the wheel, you are also demonstrating how to be a safe driver to your children so that when they grow up, they use the same tactics. They will learn from you, so it is important to lead by example.

Call and speak to one of our independent insurance agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today. We look forward to talking to you about affordable insurance and finding a policy that is going to provide protection.