Preparing a Travel Trailer For the Perfect Vacation

Here is a nice checklist about the things to do to get your travel trailer ready for a trip that comes from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serving Woodstock, GA and the nearby communities.

Getting Ready to Go on the Perfect Vacation

Here are the steps to take to get your travel trailer ready:

  1. Clean: If your travel trailer has been in storage, it will need a good airing out and cleaning to get it ready. Scrub everything down and open all the windows to let some fresh air come in. Wash the bedding, pillows, and towels, if they are musty.
  2. Dump: Make sure the sewer tank is empty and dump the contents before heading off.
  3. Fill: Flush the water tank and fill it up with clean water.
  4. Propane: Make sure the propane tank(s) are full.
  5. Stock: Stock the cabinets and refrigerator with food supplies and things needed for the trip.
  6. Tires: Check the tires for proper tire pressure. Be sure to check the spare as well.
  7. Equipment: Make sure everything operates properly such as the oven, refrigerator, toilet, faucets, water pump, generator, electronics, and auxiliary equipment like a satellite dish.
  8. Tools: Be sure to bring along tools to make minor repairs.
  9. Spare Parts: Bring spare parts for things that may be needed, such as light bulbs.
  10. Emergency Kit: Bring a kit with first aid supplies, a flashlight with extra batteries, and important medicines.
  11. Maps: Bring maps and plot the trip in advance.
  12. Campsite Reservations: If you plan to stop at campsites, make reservations in advance if possible.
  13. Vehicle Registration: Make sure the registration for your car and trailer are up-to-date and the license plates are current.
  14. Insurance: Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate and in place.

To get a quote for travel trailer insurance, contact your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA by calling Toll Free 888-883-1650 or 678-833-2860. If you prefer, you can also use the convenient online form.

What is ATV Insurance and What Does it Cover?

If you love to drive your ATV all over the scenic hills and valleys of Woodstock, GA, then you probably want to protect the investment you’ve made. ATV insurance covers all-terrain vehicles to give owners peace of mind while they’re covering the ground with other weekend warriors. Whether your ATV has three, four or six wheels, you can find the coverage you need through the knowledgeable agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc.

Types of Coverage

Protect your ATV against vandalism, accident or theft as well as uninsured motorists, collisions and other perils.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Uninsured motorist insurance safeguards an ATV driver in case of an accident. Medical expenses are usually covered by the driver that caused the accident. However, not all ATV enthusiasts maintain their insurance. If you have uninsured motorists coverage, it will pay for your medical expenses if the at-fault driver has insufficient insurance.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury and property damage take care of expenses related to an accident you cause. For example, if you inadvertently run through a yield sign on a trail, another rider might be hurt. In this case, your bodily injury insurance would pay for his or her medical expenses. This protects you from large financial losses.


Collision insurance takes care of expenses related to repairing your ATV in the event of an accident. If you run into a tree or collide with another ATV, your vehicle can be severely damaged. Incidental damage, such as minor scratches, usually isn’t covered nor is normal wear and tear. 


Comprehensive ATV insurance protects you from many types of damage. This includes fire, vandalism, and flooding.

Your agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can walk you through ATV and other insurance options. Call today to make an appointment at our Woodstock, GA location.