Drowsy Driving: How To Avoid It

Drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. It is responsible for approximately 100,000 crashes every single year that are reported to the police – and it is estimated that thousands more go unreported. More than 50% of adult drivers have admitted that they have driven while drowsy, and it is not something that you should ever do.

If you fall asleep behind the wheel, you could veer into oncoming traffic, slam into the car behind you, run into wildlife, or even veer off the road. You never know what could happen, which is why it’s so dangerous.

There are several tips that you can follow to help avoid drowsy driving. Be sure that you get a full night’s sleep, ranging from 7 to 9 hours. If you are tired when you are getting into the car to drive yourself home, to work, or anywhere else, admit to yourself that you are not completely conscious. Call someone to come get you, even if it means paying for a taxi.

When you are doing long-distance driving, split the driving duties with someone else. You should also plan on taking a break every 100 miles or so in order to stretch and get your wits about you. If you are fighting the urge to fall asleep behind the wheel, pull off the highway. You can take a 20 minute nap at a rest stop or you can check into a hotel or motel for the night.

It’s best to be honest about your drowsiness as opposed to pushing yourself and getting into an accident.

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BBQ In Your Backyard The Safe Way

If you are going to barbecue in the backyard of your Lebanon, GA home, there are some important safety tips that you want to follow. Without being safe, you could easily start a fire and your home could experience smoke or fire damage.

Whenever you are going to grill, be sure to moving out away from your home. It should be at least 20 feet away from the structure, and out from under any kind of hood, roof, or ceiling. You may also have to adhere to specific regulations within your community.

Clean the grill thoroughly before you use it. Using a wire grill brush can help to get access food and grease off so that you don’t experience smoke or any kind of flare-ups.

If you do experience a flare-up, the easiest way to address it is with a spray bottle filled with water. If the flare-up is more than you can handle, an extinguisher should be close by as well. It is also important for you to know how to use the extinguisher so that you don’t waste valuable time trying to figure it out.

It’s always important to stay alert when you are using a grill. It doesn’t matter whether it is charcoal or gas, there are open flames. This means you should never leave the grill unattended and always watch to see where young children are.

When you are done with the grill, allow everything to cool down before you put a cover on or before you attempt to clean out briquettes. If you are using gas, be sure to close the gas valve before putting the grill away.

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