5 Reasons New Boat Owners Should Consider Purchasing A Boat Insurance Policy

People purchase boats for different reasons. Some buy a boat to go fishing and others buy boats for recreational purposes. Whatever the reason, boats are expensive. The best thing that you can do when you purchase a boat is to purchase boat insurance as well. There are several reasons that a boat insurance policy is necessary.

Boat Protection

If your boat is stolen, if it is involved in an accident, or if its contents are damaged, your boat insurance will cover it. A boat is a very expensive investment, therefore, you will need insurance just in case something happens.

Insurance is Required in Some Areas

There are certain areas on the water where you would be required to have boat insurance. Many waterways require you to have boat insurance to pass through and many marinas require that you have insurance to keep your boat there or launch your boat from one of their docks.

Winter Months are Dangerous

Many people who keep their boats at a marina for the winter believe that there is no need to carry insurance during these months. This is not the case. Winter is the time when the most fires, thefts, and floods occur on boats. Also, most of the claims that are filed for vandalism are done so in the summer. It is important to keep your boat protected all year long.

Not All Boater Have Insurance

It is important to have boat insurance because many boaters don’t. If another boat collides with yours and they don’t have insurance, you will want to have your own insurance to cover the damage.

Avoid a Lawsuit

If you cause a boat accident and you don’t have insurance, you could be looking at a very expensive lawsuit. Between the damage to the other boat and any injuries to your passengers and the passengers on the other boat, you could end up owing a great deal of money if you aren’t insured.

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