5 Variables To Consider While Researching Golf Cart Insurance Policies

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Golf Cart Insurance Variables

Golf carts have unique versatility that makes them a convenient option for many people. If you own a golf cart in the Woodstock, GA area, it’s important that you have coverage for your investment. Golf cart insurance allows you to protect your vehicle in the event that it is damaged or possibly stolen. Here are some variables to consider while you research different golf cart insurance policies.

Search For A Stand Alone Policy

Many people try to amend one of their current policies in order to cover their golf cart. That is a mistake. In order to ensure that you receive the coverage that you need, look for a stand-alone golf car insurance policy.

Treat Your Golf Cart Like A Regular Vehicle

Make sure that you research comprehensive coverage for your golf cart the same way that you would for your traditional automobile. In the event that your golf cart is involved in an accident, you should be protected.

Extra Coverage

Consider amending your policy to include special coverage like roadside assistance. That way, you’ll be protected in the event that your golf cart stops working.

The Golf Cart’s Usage

While researching different policies, consider your golf cart’s usage. If you are only using your golf cart on the course, your policy will be different compared to using your cart for other endeavors.


Think about where you store your golf cart when you aren’t using it. The policy should cover your cart while it is in storage in the event that your cart is vandalized.  

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