What Will Your Auto Insurance Do About a Failed Transmission?

Did your Woodstock, GA vehicle suffer from complete transmission failure, and you aren’t sure what to do? Can you get it covered by your insurance? At Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., we know the short answer is "no," while the slightly longer answer is "that depends on a few things."

Wear and Tear Damage is Not Covered

If you’ve ever tried to get wear-and-tear transmission problems fixed with your insurance, you probably know your problem is not covered! Why is that the case? Simply put, this type of problem is something that you should have caught with general maintenance.

Note that this is true of any wear-and-tear issues affecting your vehicle. By this, we mean that your repairs aren’t covered if your transmission fails due to another part failing. Is there ever a circumstance in which your transmission problems might get protected? Yes, but only a few.

Accident Damage May Be Covered

Did your transmission fail due to damage caused by an accident? For example, you might rear-end somebody and damage your transmission. When this happens, the damage to your vehicle is covered because it was triggered by something that was outside of general wear and tear.

Note that a manufacturer’s defect may also be covered, depending on a few things. Was your transmission part of a recall that you did nothing to manage? If that recall issue triggered your damage, you might still not get the coverage, even if the manufacturer’s defects caused it.

Get Help Today

With the help of our team at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc., you can protect your Woodstock, GA, vehicle and ensure your policy pays out for covered claims. So, if your transmission goes out due to issues from a crash, make sure that you contact us today to learn more about how our policy can help you.