Preparing Your Golf Cart for Off-Season Storage

A golf cart is an extremely versatile vehicle that you can use for a wide range of activities, such as professional events, but they also allow you to travel around the neighborhood in Woodstock, GA without having to drive your car. In order to ensure your golf cart has the longest lifespan possible, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance. One important step of maintenance is to properly prepare the golf cart for off-season storage. Here are a few tips from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to prepare your golf cart for storage.

Prepare the Battery

Before storing your golf cart it’s important to fully charge the battery. A battery that is fully charged won’t freeze should the temperatures drop below freezing. You should also disconnect the battery cables to make sure there aren’t any problems that may occur while the golf cart is in storage. While you’re tending to the battery, it’s also recommended that you check the tire pressure and inflate any low tires before storing; this will help the tires maintain their shape.

Clean the Golf Cart

Before putting the golf cart in storage, it is important that you thoroughly clean it; both inside and out. Using a mild detergent and water, clean away the grime, dirt, grease, and mud from the exterior of the golf cart, including the wheels. Be sure to use a leather protectant on dash, steering wheel and seats to help prevent drying during storage.

The final step in properly storing your golf cart is to park the key in a proper position, turn the key switch to off, remove the key and make sure the switch is in neutral. Place sturdy rubber or concrete blocks behind all the tires to prevent the golf cart from rolling and disengage the parking brake.

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