Secure Winter Storage Strategies for Your Watercraft

Adequate storage is necessary when you are not operating your watercraft. Use the winterization guidelines that follow. Then contact a Woodstock, GA agent at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. to discuss any concerns you have with your boat insurance policy.

Preserve The Body

Storing your boat will preserve the body of your watercraft. Before you store your boat, it should be clean and dry. If you normally wax your boat, an application of marine wax should be applied to the watercraft’s exterior.

Protect Against Crime

Sufficient storage will protect your boat from being stolen or vandalized. While your boat is in storage, you won’t need to be concerned about filing an insurance claim. Your boat will remain protected throughout winter when you are not using it.

Secure In A Garage

Your boat can be secured inside a residential garage. The boat should be placed on a level surface. Before you put your boat inside your garage, ensure enough clearance to safely and adequately transport your boat inside.

Cover The Watercraft

You can secure a marine-grade cover over your watercraft if you do not own a garage. This type of cover will keep your watercraft out of sight. It will provide protection from rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Marine-grade covers are constructed of waterproof materials.

Meet With An Agent

After completing the winterization techniques needed to protect your boat, contact an insurance agent who serves Woodstock, GA. An agent representing Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. will upgrade your existing insurance policy if you request them to do so. They will also answer any questions about your boat insurance coverage.