What is Commercial Crime Insurance?

Commercial liability insurance is not a requirement for people living in the state of Georgia, although many company owners will decide to purchase a policy for the protection that it provides. Along this vein, commercial crime insurance is also not mandatory, but it is, nonetheless, beneficial.

What Does Commercial Crime Insurance Cover?

It is an unfortunate reality that when a person goes into business for him or herself, the employees that they hire may not always be trustworthy. If, for example, a staffer provides monies to a vendor with whom you have not previously engaged and employee theft is included under your coverage,  it can take care of these costs. In addition, it can pay for losses when important documents are destroyed or if monies are stolen while on your way to deposit them into the bank. 

Your policy can extend to cover not just you but also your employees while they are working with articles pertaining to your company. It can also cover things like bad checks received from merchants or clients, and it can kick in if your own checks end up in the wrong hands, spurring a rash of fraudulent drafts. In today’s world, computer security is an issue, and hackers are always attempting to break into systems to see what they can steal. From lifting customer addresses and telephone numbers to credit card accounts, the ways are myriad in which criminals can target you, and crime insurance helps you in many of these instances.

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