Required Commercial Insurance in Georgia

Like other states, Georgia has its own laws about which type of insurance policies must be held by small business owners. This is protection for others as well as for you as the owner. If you don’t have the proper coverage for your business, contact us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc in Woodstock, GA.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Workers’ compensation is there to protect the employees of a business as well as the business itself. In Georgia, it is required to have this insurance for every business that has three or more employees, even if they are part-time workers. This assured workers that there will be funds to pay their medical bills if they should have an accident or develop an illness at work.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Georgia also requires that every business that owners a car have a commercial auto policy. The state has a specific amount stipulated for the minimum amount of coverage you have to have for bodily injury liability for one person and another amount for the bodily injury liability for everyone in the accident. It also requires a set minimum of property damage liability for an entire accident. If your vehicle is not owned by the company, but it is used for company business, it’s generally a good idea to cover it with an auto insurance policy called hired and non-owned. 

General Liability

A general liability policy is not required by the state, but it is a recommended type of insurance that can cover many more instances of liability that may not be covered by other policies. It’s a good idea to have this layer of liability protection in today’s highly litigious world. 

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What You Need to Know About Golf Cart Insurance

There are a lot of different kinds of vehicles out there, and most of them need insurance. But people typically think of the cars, trucks, and SUVs they drive on public roadways. They often don’t consider other types of vehicles, such as low-speed motorized options. In some instances, though, these also have to be covered. That’s why Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. offers options for golf cart insurance for residents of the Woodstock, GA area. Driving a golf cart on public roads and other spaces can mean having the right insurance to protect yourself and others.

You want to make sure you have a good policy that will keep you safe and reduce your risk. If you’re not sure what kind of coverage you should have on your golf cart, you’re definitely not alone. Our professional agents can help you find the policy option that’s the right one for your needs, so you’re properly protected. The way you use your golf cart and where you drive it can be very important for finding you the best type of policy and level of coverage for your specific situation. But we’re here to make it easier for you.

Reach out to us at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. today, and we’ll work with you on a golf cart insurance policy that meets your needs. We want all of our Woodstock, GA area customers to feel safe and secure with the insurance they have. We know how important it can be to enjoy peace of mind, and that’s a big part of what insurance is for. You don’t have to settle for anything less than a policy you feel right about. We’ll be here to answer your questions about insurance, so we can get you a policy that works for your life.

Trucking Insurance Options

With slower stops, very tall semi-trailers on the back, and wide turns to be made, trucking can be dangerous and not for the faint of heart. This means that not only is it important for a truck driver to drive wisely and very safely, but to obtain the correct amount of trucking insurance in case of an accident. The insurance agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA know and understand the importance of having an adequate trucking insurance policy in place.

What Does Trucking Insurance Cover?


Trucking insurance is very similar to auto insurance, including the fact that liability insurance is required in the state of Georgia for all drivers, including truck drivers. Liability insurance will pay for any injuries or property damage sustained by someone else in an accident caused by the driver of the truck.

Non-Trucking Liability

This type of liability insurance is the same as a regular liability auto insurance policy but it covers the truck driver if he has an accident when he’s using the truck for non-work purposes.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance will assist in compensating for any damaged or lost cargo during the transportation process.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive trucking insurance coverage will cover the truck if it is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, a fire, or vandalism. This coverage option will also help pay to replace the truck if it is stolen.

Collision Insurance

This type of insurance will cover any damage that is caused due to a collision with another vehicle or an object. For example, if the driver of a truck backs into a building while attempting to unload its cargo, this will cover any damages to the truck and the building.

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance will cover a truck that is being driven without the trailer attached.

To obtain the best trucking insurance policy for you and your situation, contact the experienced and trusted agents at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. in Woodstock, GA to get your policy started!

Should I get ATV insurance in Georgia?

In the Woodstock, GA area, there continues to be a lot of great ways to have fun in the great outdoors. When you are trying to maximize your experience here, you should consider investing in your own ATV. If you are going to purchase an ATV here, you will want to have proper insurance for it. There are several reasons why you should get this type of insurance protection. 

Insurance Will Cover ATV

Anyone that chooses to purchase an ATV will be making an investment that they will want to have last for a long time. If you are ever a victim of theft or are in an accident, you could lose your ATV entirely. However, if you insure your ATV it will give you the coverage that is needed to repair or replace it. This will allow you to enjoy the ATV for years to come.

Insurance Offers Liability Protection

ATV owners and drivers need to take their liability risks seriously. There will continue to be a chance that you could cause an accident while using it. Fortunately, you will be able to offset this risk with an insurance policy. With proper insurance, you will get the coverage that is needed in the event you do cause damage while using it. 

Anyone that owns an ATV in the Woodstock, GA area needs to make sure that they get proper insurance coverage for it. If you are looking for a new ATV insurance policy, you should speak with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. There are a lot of complexities that come with picking this insurance. Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. can help you better understand all of your insurance options to ensure that you get into a new policy that will offer the right type and level of coverage. 

Who needs to get golf cart insurance?

A golf cart can be a very fun and efficient mode of transportation. They are frequently used at country clubs for golf players but could also be used to drive short distances. If you are going to get a golf car, you do need to ensure that you have proper insurance for it. For people that are in the Woodstock, GA area, there are several reasons why they may need to get proper golf cart insurance.

Coverage Needed to Protect Cart

An important reason that people in this area of Georgia should get golf cart insurance is that it can protect their golf cart. Buying a golf cart will always come with a big investment that you need to protect as well as you can. If you choose to get golf cart insurance, it will give coverage so you can repair or replace your golf cart if it is damaged in an accident or stolen.

Coverage Needed for Liability Protection

A golf car is generally safe to drive. However, accidents and mistakes do happen from time to time. Those that are at fault in an accident will have to cover the damages, which could be significant in some cases. With golf cart insurance, you can receive the coverage that is needed to offset this risk. 

People that invest in a golf cart and are in the Woodstock, GA area should always work to protect their investment with insurance. A great way that you can maintain proper insurance coverage for it is by working with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. for your insurance needs. The team with Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. has helped many people choose quality insurance policies. This can ensure that your golf cart is covered and that your liability risk is reduced. 

What are the benefits of motor home insurance?

Owning a motor home can be a good idea for anyone in the Woodstock, GA area. When you do own a motor home here, it will ensure that you will have a comfortable mode of transportation if you are looking to tour the country and state. At the same time, a motor home will give you a safe and secure place to sleep at night. If you are going to get a motor home, you should also get proper insurance for it. There are several benefits that come when you get motor home insurance.

Coverage Provides Legal Compliance

One of the benefits of getting motor home insurance is that you will be in compliance with the law. Anyone that would like to drive a motor home in the state of Georgia needs to follow the same insurance laws as other motorists. State law here will require that you carry at least a liability policy, which ensures you have the capability to pay for any damages you may cause in an accident.

Coverage Protects Asset

Another reason that you should get a motor home insurance policy is that it can protect your asset. If you were to purchase a motor home, you will be investing a lot in this new asset. If you do not have coverage and it is stolen or damaged, you will incur a significant loss. Fortunately, you can offset this risk if you get a full motor home insurance policy. 

When you want motor home insurance in the Woodstock, GA area, you should reach out to the team of professionals at Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Motor home insurance is a complex form of coverage, and having Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. by your side will make choosing a policy much easier. The team takes a personalized approach to give insurance guidance to ensure you get the right policy that meets your needs. 

A Thorough Overview Of Jetski Insurance

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. offers different types of insurance coverage to the Woodstock, GA community, as well as the surrounding areas. We want to make sure that our clients have the coverage they need to plan for the unexpected. As an independent agency, we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of options so that they can make the best decision possible.

Jet ski Insurance

During warm summers in Woodstock, GA, many people enjoy riding their jet ski in the ocean. While you are enjoying this fun activity, it is important that you have coverage. Jet ski insurance will cover you if something happens. The policy protects your jet ski if you are involved in an accident. The policy also covers your jet ski if someone attempts to steal it. Liability insurance will protect you if you are operating your jet ski with a passenger on board with you and they are injured. You can also add extra coverage to your policy to protect your jet ski if you need emergency assistance.

While you are researching different policies, make sure that you have your jet ski appraised to determine its true market value. Keep in mind that your policy may differ based on the type of model that you have. If you are operating a jet ski with a lot of horsepowers, you may need a different type of coverage compared to if you were using a slower speed jet ski.

If you have any special parts on your jet ski, you may have to add extra coverage in order to protect them against the threat of theft. If you plan to put your jet ski in storage during cold months, the policy will cover you if there is accidental damage.  

Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Asset

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What should i think about when buying boat insurance?

Owning a boat can be a great option for those that live in Woodstock, GA. When you have a boat in this area of Georgia, the warm weather will allow you to enjoy it for most of the year. When you are looking to purchase a boat, you also need to spend time carefully assessing your insurance needs. There are several things that you should be thinking about when you are looking for a new insurance policy for your boat.


The first thing to think about when you are looking for a boat insurance policy is your requirements. Depending on your situation, you may have a variety of different boat insurance requirements. If you have taken out a loan to buy the boat, there is a good chance your lender will require you to carry insurance. Also, depending on where you intend to use the boat, there could be rules that require you to carry boat insurance with at least liability protection.

Coverage Needs

Even if there are not boat insurance requirements for you, it is important to consider your needs to protect your asset and give you comfort. If you have a boat that would be expensive for you to repair or replace, you should make sure that you either have the ability to handle it out of pocket or have the proper insurance to cover any type of loss.

There are a lot of reasons that someone should get boat insurance. If you are looking to get this type of insurance around Woodstock, GA, you should call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. When you call Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. you can get a lot of guidance and support. This will ensure that you know your options and make the right decision. 

Variables To Consider Regarding Your RV Insurance Policy As Seasons Change

Based in Woodstock, GA, Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. serves the community by helping residents find the insurance coverage that they need. We are committed to helping our clients find different types of insurance policies. As an independent agency, we have established successful partnerships with multiple carriers throughout the South.

RV Insurance Variables As The Seasons Change

As you travel through Woodstock, GA and the surrounding areas in your RV, RV insurance gives you a layer of protection. The policy covers your RV if a natural disaster causes damage. The policy also protects your personal items if they are stolen. Liability coverage protects you if you are traveling with friends and family and one of them is injured on your RV. As the seasons start to change, here are some variables to consider regarding your policy.

Storage protection is important. As winter approaches, you likely won’t be using your RV as much. Even as you put your RV in storage, be aware that there are inherent risks involved. You never know if inclement weather can cause damage, so it’s important that you have storage protection. This way, you will be covered if your RV suffers a dent, crack, or other damages while in storage. Also, make sure that you do not have any food in your RV while it is in storage.

To protect the interior of your RV from potential damages, inspect the plumbing system. When it gets cold, water will freeze in the pipes, which has the potential to cause serious problems. Make sure that you pour a fresh batch of antifreeze into your pipes. If necessary, blow some air through the valves until all of the water is gone.

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What valuation method should you choose in your home insurance policy?

When shopping for home insurance for your Woodstock, GA home, you might think every homeowners’ policy works the same way and this is far from true. Your policy would pay for you to repair or purchase a new home if the incumbent home incurred damage covered under the policy. The value of the home and the valuation method are enumerated in the policy details through and decide how much money you would receive if a named peril damaged the house.

This blog explains the difference between valuation methods so you can make a savvy insurance purchase from Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. Your home policy might use one of the following five values for your home:

  • guaranteed replacement value, 
  • replacement value, 
  • cash value, 
  • fair market value,
  • extended replacement value.

Almost no insurers offer guaranteed replacement value any longer. That pays you what it would cost to replace your home as it was when you purchased it, but at today’s market rates. Instead, many insurance companies offer extended replacement value which functions in a similar manner but requires you to purchase an add-on home warranty as part of your insurance coverage.

Replacement value provides you the money to purchase a home at the value you purchased your home, while case value gives you what it was worth just before the damage from the named peril occurred. Fair market value pays what it sounds like it does – what you would get if you had sold the home before the peril damaged it. You get its value on the real estate market.

Each of these valuation methods can result in vastly different payouts. You may have purchased a historical home with intrinsic value. Since your purchase, the local building codes may have undergone updates. Those updates require you to spend much more money to build to code than re-building just as the home was constructed originally. Only guaranteed replacement value and extended replacement value would pay for the updated home completely. The other methods would leave you with out-of-pocket expenses.

Replacement value would come close but still would not cover everything. Cash value and fair market value could leave you in the hole by thousands of dollars since they look at replacing the home in present value. You might have cared perfectly for your home, but the fair market value could lower your payout since the fair market value of a home also includes the value of the neighborhood. If your neighborhood declined, it impacts the value of your home.

Contact Peter Laczko Insurance Inc. for more information on insuring your home in Woodstock, GA. We can help you properly insure your investment.